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Danica Lacson Author Page | Hawaii Family Dental
Danica Lacson - Hawaii Family Dental Author

Danica Lacson

LinkedIn: Danica Lacson

About the Author

Danica Lacson is the official author and content writer of Hawaii Family Dental. She has written articles on Dentistry, oral health, and oral care tips, reviewed, validated and approved by Hawaii Family Dental's dentists.

She has been quoted on Reader's DigestThe List and many more where she discussed jaw pain, braces and brushing. She has also shared valuable tips and information on Millennial Mrs. and Mom and Health Community Key.

Before writing about dentistry and the oral cavity, Danica completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism at the University of the Philippines.

Writer’s Note

Dentistry was always fascinating to me as a kid with my curiosity drawing questions in my head on how those little instruments work or what does a dentist do inside my mouth.

But that curiosity did not translate to dental a degree, blaming my fear on needles and blood as the stoppers toward that path. Still, I have found a way to feed the hunger to know more about what's going inside my mouth and those that connect to it through writing.

Armed with a journalistic training and the ever-growing passion for knowing more, I am now helping others feed their hunger for dental knowledge as a content writer of the largest and most trusted dental practice in Hawaii, Hawaii Family Dental.

I write about everything related to dentistry and the oral health, hoping to help others along the way find the answers to their questions and make better decisions when it comes to oral care.

In my free time, I do what everyone does — watch movies, eat, lie down, surf the internet, and repeat. I also have an ever-growing interest in K-Pop thanks mostly to SEVENTEEN and UNB.

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