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Nail Biting
Also known as onychophagia, nail biting is a habit often done during times of stress, anxiety, boredom, or excitement. It is often considered as stress-relieving with about 50 percent of children from ten years old to 18 years old do. As the habit is expected to stop at age 30,
Dental Fear
Dental fear is normal especially among children. According to Anders Broberg and Gunilla Klingberg, six to 19 percent of children age four to 19 are scared and anxious about visiting the dentist. However, despite the fear, a dental visit remains an essential part of a child’s oral care. Despite the
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Smiling baby with baby teeth showing

Are Baby Teeth Important?

Despite their eventual fallout, baby teeth play an essential role in everyday life of children and serve a vital role in the overall development of the oral cavity such as the mouth and the permanent teeth. Why Are Baby Teeth Important? Eating Baby teeth are necessary as they aid in
Baby pacifier use
Your baby is thumb-sucking. He loves his pacifier, behaving well when the object lands on his mouth. You began to worry that he is sucking too much. Is thumb-sucking normal? But the American Dental Association (ADA) assures that your child’s sucking is normal and one of his natural reflexes. In
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