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Dental Hygiene Away From Home

Because we can’t always be home, knowing how to care for the teeth and general oral health while away is important.

Specifically, combating bad breath, cleaning food particles from the teeth after eating, and clearing away excess oral bacteria are necessary while away from home. There are methods for this!

How can I care for my dental hygiene away from home?

Get to flossing.

A lot of people don’t and wouldn’t want to carry floss around with them, but if you’re concerned about food particles between the teeth, this is a great idea. You can opt for traditional string floss, proxy brushes, or even dental picks.

You shouldn’t be embarrassed when it comes to flossing in public or in your car when away from home. If so, floss in an empty, public bathroom, even in a stall if you have to!

Try a toothpick.

Not wanting to carry around floss or even a toothbrush? Your next best option is to go for a toothpick, which can either be bought in bulk or picked up for free at a restaurant.

Toothpicks are important in clearing away excess food particles, especially after eating a messy meal. Leaving food particles to decay within the teeth can increase your risk of dealing with oral-related issues such as cavities. Leaving these particles can also cause worsened breath, so a toothpick can be powerful.

Drink plenty of water, or at least rinse the mouth out with water.

Drinking plenty of water can combat dry mouth and even provide fresher breath given that it can wash away smelly oral bacteria and food particles stuck within the teeth.

Just a simple swish and rinse with water can also provide the same benefit.

Rinsing with water is ideal if you recently consumed anything sugary or acidic, washing away the excess particles to reduce the chances of enamel erosion.

Need quick fresher breath? Opt for a mint or sugarless chewing gum!

We all want fresh breath. With no mouthwash or toothbrush and toothpaste on hand, this can be difficult to achieve. However, opting for a breath mint or minty, sugarless chewing gum are great temporary options.

Breath mints will mainly mask your bad breath for a limited time, but sugarless chewing gum can stimulate saliva, combat dry mouth, and even collect food particles and oral bacteria. Either option is a great way to clean the mouth, or at least freshen up the breath for a bit when you don’t have a toothbrush at hand.

Choose smart foods.

In addition to these methods. It’s important that you select foods that don’t worsen your breath or provide harm to your oral health such as highly acidic drinks or foods or sugary substances when you can’t brush your teeth.

Also, opt for foods that are helpful for your oral health. Foods such as celery (very refreshing, light, and capable of freshening the breath), carrots, and cheese are great options that can provide the vitamins and/or nutrients to keep your oral health where it needs to be. Make wise options when it comes to what you consume away from home.

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