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Pediatric Dentist Nadiene Wu

Dr. Nadiene Wu

Dr Nadiene Wu

Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Nadiene Wu

Dr. Nadiene Wu takes great pride in caring for tiny teeth. She considers every child who leaves the office healthy and happy a success, whether the appointment was for a cleaning or a wiggly tooth.

Born and raised in Mililani, Dr. Wu has created a kid-focused team in a fun, safe environment. As a new mom, Dr. Wu treats every child like she would her son and looks forward to helping build habits for a lifetime of good health.

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Why Choose

Dr. Nadiene Wu

  • Specializes in dental care for kids
  • Known for her comfort-conscious, kid-friendly approach
  • Offers convenient Saturday and Sunday appointments

Patient Testimonials

Faasopo S. Avatar
Faasopo S.
5/18/2022 - Google

Awesome experience for my daughter. Of course no child like the dentist but they treated my daughter with great care and made sure she was taken cared of. Highly recommend them.

Daniel T. Avatar
Daniel T.
5/18/2022 - Google

I really appreciated Loraines concerned and caring nature. She made me feel welcome. Her hygenist expertise made a somewhat difficult procedure as comfortable as possible. Dr Woo was informative and personable The rest of the staff was courteous and pleasant. Overall a "thumbs up". Great job!

Rhea J. Avatar
Rhea J.
3/02/2022 - Google

I dont normally post about my exaperiances but i have a lil girl whos ASD and this office dose everythijg they can to make it a fun time instead of scary my daughter came in crying not wanting to go thwn left with smiles and talked to anyone who would... read more

Rory S. Avatar
Rory S.
2/20/2022 - Google

I went in for a cleaning and the hygienist Kaitlyn (not sure of the spelling) was very personable and professional. She was also very quick!

Kate F. Avatar
Kate F.
2/02/2022 - Google

Truly the most incredible dental experience of my 48 years of life. Every single person in the office exudes aloha, and the vibe is so caring. No pain with my cleaning (and I have sensitive teeth) and really great work on some fillings that look like I paid an arm... read more

frances s. Avatar
frances s.
11/15/2021 - Google

Staff is very personable and professional. Dr. Kirsh is so nice. And rather than do a crown that I thought was needed he told me it was unesassary. So they are more interested in doing the right thing rather than the most expensive.

Amelia W. Avatar
Amelia W.
10/18/2021 - Google

Awesome workers and doctors there if looking for a place for dental need this is the place to go and Jared is so awesome with his patients and my son is always looking forward to go there when he has an Appointment

Japanese G. Avatar
Japanese G.
9/06/2021 - Google

I love this dental office. The people there are so nice and they think about your comfort at all times. They even asked me if I was feeling cold and wanted a blanket. The doctor ( Dr. Armstrong ) has the most amazing personality . Luv... read more

Frantz B. Avatar
Frantz B.
7/20/2021 - Google

The dentists and staff are friendly, professional and very personable. I would recommend this dentist for both adults and kids as well, my daughter loves her dentist.

V. F. Avatar
V. F.
6/20/2021 - Google

A big shout out and thank you to Dr. Westphal. He is really an amazing Pediatric Dentist for my 3 boys. Ages 5, 7 and 15. Very accommodating and child friendly. My boys feel comfortable with him. I strongly recommend him specially for those family that has kids with autism.... read more

Bobby K. Avatar
Bobby K.
5/20/2021 - Google

Had the opportunity to have Dulce as my hygienist. She was by far my favorite.Personable, detailed and a joy to work with.Did a great cleaning alongside Dr. Sadiki who was friendly, caring and took additional measures that created a memorable experience.

Rosanne p. Avatar
Rosanne p.
4/20/2021 - Google

This review is solely based on my initial contact with Hawaii Family Dental Kapolei. I gave them a 5 star because I've called few places prior to contacting them and they're able to see my daughter TODAY!! I used Google to find a dental practice that will be able to... read more

Gwen M. Avatar
Gwen M.
4/20/2021 - Google

My son Jett Dale experience has been great with the doctor on both visits exam cleaning and fillings cost affordable compared to old dentist Dental World who charged double although in network.

Karlyn K. Avatar
Karlyn K.
3/22/2021 - Google

We've been patients of Dr. Tom since my oldest,15, has been 2 years old. The staff are always so welcoming and so very helpful. My kids always feel so loved at every visit. They are very patient with them and help them overcome being afraid. Dr. Tom is professional and... read more

da M. Avatar
da M.
12/17/2020 - Google

The staff were GREAT! They were all so friendly and patient with my kids. It was my daughter's first time at the dentist and she loved it! Definitely recommended!

Roy F. Avatar
Roy F.
12/10/2020 - Google

The staff is real and genuine with aloha they make my kids feel so safe they love going there especially my son who is 5 he loves it.

Alan I. Avatar
Alan I.
11/15/2020 - Google

My experience has been nothing but totally awesome and satisfied. I have probably been through at least a dozen different dentists and Dr. Christopher Wu has been the best! He really really cares about his patients and treats me like a close friend. Prices are super reasonable as I had... read more

Steve P. Avatar
Steve P.
11/01/2020 - Google

Every person who works here is very professional and very knowledgeable. I'm realy glad I changed dentist from where I had been for almost 20 years. Kaitlin is my hygienist and is she really good. Access to office is easy with plenty of free parking. ... read more

Rory S. Avatar
Rory S.
11/01/2020 - Google

All personnel are friendly and professional. They make you feel comfortable, at ease. This includes Dr. Coloma, Lorraine, Jerica and Christine. Sorry, don’t know the rest of the names.

M K. Avatar
M K.
10/18/2020 - Google

Kapolei office was very pleasant. Dr. Schuller was very attentive and gentle. The staffs are courteous and seem happy working there, and the tech who took care of me, Stanley, was a very kind and capable person. Furthermore, they don’t make you wait 2 months to see the doctor. They... read more

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