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dentist ronald quade

Dr. Ronald Quade

dentist ronald quade


Dr. Ronald Quade

Dr. Ronald Quade enjoys making people laugh and helping patients understand the importance of oral health. His advice is straight-forward, “by taking care of your teeth a few minutes a day, you can keep most, if not all, of your teeth for the rest of your life.”

From the beginning of his career, Dr. Quade has believed in helping others. In addition to serving underserved communities worldwide on mission trips, he opened Oregon’s first private, free dental clinic.

When he’s not in the office, you can find him surrounded on the Big Island by ducks, goats, and other rescue animals. Dr. Quade also plays the guitar, ukulele, saxophone, and enjoys gardening.

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Why Choose

Dr. Ronald Quade

  • Over 45 years of dental experience
  • Big Island resident for over 14 years
  • Sees patients from teens to kapuna

Patient Testimonials

sherri l. Avatar
sherri l.
9/14/2020 - Google

Shontell is the best hygienist around. She has a wonderful and warm personality that puts you at ease while she’s cleaning your teeth. Gentle hands and very thorough. Dr. Meyer and the entire staff at Hawaii Family Dental - Hilo makes visiting the dentists office a pleasure. Welcoming and they go out of their way to ease any anxiety you may have when you walk in the door for your appointment.

God B. Avatar
God B.
9/14/2020 - Google

Hawaii Family Dental in Kona has Aloha,Customer Service is fast. Hilo office Dr.Stevens really explains to me about my daughter braces. And all of my questions I had he answered everything. What I wanted to hear.He is awesome. 💯

Tom C. Avatar
Tom C.
8/14/2020 - Google

I find the care that I receive at HI Family Dental, Hilo, meets or exceeds my expectations for dental each time I visit. They have a very efficient and friendly staff. Pricing seems reasonable. Great care from this business.

mary c. Avatar
mary c.
8/14/2020 - Google

I required extensive implant work on one of my front teeth. I panicked -- being new to Hilo side meant I needed a referral for an appointment to see a dentist. Two dentists later I finally found Dr. Meyer, and HFDC could do both surgery (Dr. Gill) and dental. Dr. Meyer even came in to work on a day off so that I would not have to walk around with a missing front tooth. Replicating what used to be there requires an artist’s eye and I was in Dr. Meyer’s good hands. Covid timing meant it took a little longer, but now I look good! Great staff too.

Kim C. Avatar
Kim C.
7/14/2020 - Google

The Hilo Hawaii Family Dental team are so friendly and professional. It is always a great experience when I visit there for my teeth cleaning or dental work. Dr Meyer is so knowledgeable and open in discussion care options. We are happy to have them as our dentist on the Big Island.

Jon N. Avatar
Jon N.
10/14/2019 - Google

I've been going to Hawaii Family Dental in Hilo for maybe five years now. General dental maintenance, but also about three crowns when I broke teeth. They have always done great work with zero problems. Prices for various procedures are very reasonable too. I will be sticking with them for good.

Sew D. Avatar
Sew D.
10/14/2019 - Google

Fantastic staff!!! It’s a little weird to find (the hilo location). But the wonderful women who work there more than make up for the odd location!My daughter is slightly special needs. She normally would flip out at the thought of a dentist (she’s 11) but the women there made her so happy and comfortable! They played and joked with her. The dentist was also very warm and friendly with her. He explained what he was going to do. He made it fun and easy. My daughter wasn’t scared at all. She even thanked everyone on our way out!It’s nice to have a good friendly dentist for kids! It can be really scary. Everyone there really went out of their way to make it a positive experience! I highly recommend them!!

Malia D. Avatar
Malia D.
10/14/2019 - Google

So, in January I got my implant done in the front and let me tell you. I held off on this procedure for 3 years running a temp( thank heavens Dr. Mau makes awesome temps!!) I was so nervous and I kept putting it off because I was so scared! Well to say the least I went for it and I could not be happier! Dr. Ramandeep Gill is the best hands down. Now If you have been to the dentist and ever had to get numb in one of your front teeth then you will know what I am talking about when I say that is the most sore and stinging to the point your eyes are watering sensation ever. Well... to my shock and amazement Dr. Gill has the magic hands because I DID NOT FEEL A THING!! My procedure took about 5 hours. She had to extract my tooth which was so short and it had a rootcanal so therefore my tooth was brittle and kept cracking. Dr. Mau assisted and together they carefully kept all bone intact with the minimal amount of trauma! Smoothest longest extraction ever lol! Dr. Gill took her time and was very precise with the same day implant placement!! Then Dr. Hamakawa and Dr. Mau worked hard on my INOL. ( which is the same day temp that attaches to the implant so that I didnt have to sing... all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!! The best experience ever. Let me also tell you about the healing process. I took the next day off of work and I didnt even need to. There was literally NO PAIN. I mean none. nada. zip!! I took 1 ibuprofen 800 after the procedure and that's it. I am now about ready to restore my implant. Just took an xray yesterday and saw Dr. Gill. she said its ready to go and everything looks great. I am so happy I chose to take the leap and Thank you thank you thank you a hundred times over to all the doctors and the staff that made my experience one to remember!! I love you guys!! Hawaii Family Dental in hilo ROCKS!! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!

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