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mililani dentist Stewart Ahn

Dr. Stewart Ahn

mililani dentist Stewart Ahn


Dr. Stewart Ahn

Dr. Stewart Ahn’s passion for helping others started at an early age. “My uncle used to tell me that smiling is the easiest way to share your happiness and spread positivity to those around you. One of the best things about a smile is it’s free to share. To me, dentistry is the smile making profession, and I have always enjoyed the ability to spread happiness to others.”

Dr. Ahn is a graduate of Kalani High School and managed his own private practice for nearly 30 years. He has two sons, enjoys golfing with his wife, fishing, and volunteering his dental services through Aloha Medical Mission.

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Why Choose

Dr. Stewart Ahn

  • Caring for patients for nearly 30 years
  • Recognized as one of Albuquerque’s top dentists
  • Born and raised in Hawaii. Graduated from Kalani High School

Patient Testimonials

Matea S. Avatar
Matea S.
9/30/2020 - Google

Hawaii Family Dental staff in Mililani were so friendly with great customer service. I’m very happy with the outcome of my teeth. Thanks to them I have a perfect smile. Mahalo you guys!

michelle h. Avatar
michelle h.
9/30/2020 - Google

I am petrified of the Dentist, my husband has to come with me and anything major I need Valium!! I highly recommend Hawaii Family Dentist they have been amazing, so much so that I actually went on my own yesterday for a gum procedure , Dr Edgar was wonderful with me . I have seen quite a few of their Dr’s , Dr Meredith for extraction and others . Everyone of them have been so kind, so professional and all their staff are great. First class service , highly recommend them. Thank you

Vanessa S. Avatar
Vanessa S.
9/30/2020 - Google

I just got my wisdom teeth out and it was a long process and I was really nervous because I was told since I was older it would be harder. The doctor was super patient and aware of me to make sure I wasn’t in pain and took his time. He also seemed like he was very confident in his ability to do his work while still being empathetic of me so I really appreciated it. The front desk people seemed very happy and enjoyed each other’s company while being very helpful this is good because usually the doctor will be good but the front desk people aren’t but all around this office was good. Thanks for helping your girl out.

MG P. Avatar
9/23/2020 - Google

They ensured COVID19 safety throughout the appointment, and the dentalcleaning was done, professionally and accurately! Very friendly and helpful staff!

Jim P. Avatar
Jim P.
9/14/2020 - Google

Quality care with lots of patient empathy. I am treated so well that I actually look forward to appointments here.

Jason R. Avatar
Jason R.
9/14/2020 - Google

The staff always goes above and beyond expectations to transform my special needs child's appointments from a very traumatic experience for her to a pleasant one. The level of patience and accommodation they display is outstanding.

Thomas W. Avatar
Thomas W.
9/14/2020 - Google

Great folks, great office. Nothing to complain about. They are not cheap, but you get what you pay for. I would not hesitate to refer someone to the clinic.

Arvel S. Avatar
Arvel S.
9/14/2020 - Google

Great customer service and outstanding dental work!!!Thank you all so very much!!!!Aloha!!!

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