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mililani dentist william sicilia

Dr. William Sicilia

mililani dentist william sicilia


Dr. William Sicilia

Dr. William Sicilia enjoys giving patients reasons to smile with excellent dental care and fun, light-hearted humor. He previously worked in our Kaneohe office and is now serving patients in Mililani.

An East Coast native, Dr. Sicilia enjoys outdoor activities, including open water swims, freediving, and scuba diving. He also plays a guitar and is studying how to speak Japanese.

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Why Choose

Dr. William Sicilia

  • Trusted by over 312 patients
  • With Hawaii Family Dental since 2016
  • Speaks conversational Spanish and Japanese

Patient Testimonials

Susanna T. Avatar
Susanna T.
10/14/2019 - Google

This is the most fun I've had at a dentist office. Dr. Sicilia and staff are accommodating and so thoughtful. You don't feel like an item on the conveyer belt being pushed along. Actually, they make me feel very at home, comfortable, and we have great conversations and end up laughing quite a bit. I am confident that Dr. Sicilia and his staff care about my dental health, and that my experience there is pain free (and enjoyable). I would recommend this office d/t very convenient location and the super friendly atmosphere. Great job Hawaii Family Dental 🙂

William C. Avatar
William C.
10/14/2019 - Google

Dr. Sicilia is a serious and knowledgeable professional. Feel confident in his chair. Very friendly staff. Aloha Neb thank you for my teeth cleaning. Peace and much aloha, Bill C.

C T. Avatar
C T.
10/14/2019 - Google

Everyone was very friendly and timely. It is great finding a dentist office that values my time. May did a thorough job cleaning my teeth and was very pleasant. Doctor Sicilia was a delight. I look forward to having you as my permanent dentist.

Kana N. Avatar
Kana N.
10/14/2017 - Google

Lani Ing was awesome and Dr.Sicilia was also good and thorough

Joan H. Avatar
Joan H.
10/14/2017 - Google

Very professional service, they took me in an urgent situation and they were very efficient and kind. I would have no hesitation returning for this hygienist & Dr. Sicilia.

Azlina H. Avatar
Azlina H.
10/14/2016 - Google

Dr. William Sicilia performed a filling on a tooth that bothered me about once a year. Very informative throughout the process. He was not sure how extensive the damage was and warned me that it may need a root canal. It didn't. I selected the composite filling, instead of the silver/mercury mix. He told me that silver/mercury mixture is safe, even if swallowed....I find that hard to believe.The most important part - William has mad skill in giving shots! I told him that my old dentist, who was a dentist for a better part of four decades, in California was the very best at it. The other young dentist I had at this office was relatively skilled.Dr Sicilia is very impressive! At the beginning of his career, his skill at giving shots matched those of a forty year veteran! Parents - this is the dentist to take your children to! Dental work should not be traumatic and having compassionate, skilled practitioner who does not cause pain at the beginning of a treatment is 95% of it.Good work Dr. Sicilia! Keep it up!

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