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Help Feed Hungry Children | Hawaii Family Dental

86,609 Hungry Keiki Fed

Working with the Hawaii Foodbank to end hunger.

Hawaii Family Dental, the state's largest DSO (Dental Support Organization) is helping feed hungry children in Hawaii.

Our goal is to improve the lives of our communities through oral and overall health. Partnering with the Hawaii Foodbank is natural - 35% of our patients ages 10 or younger have Medicaid, the same population the Foodbank supports. And these children are the most in need; according to the Hawaii State Department of Health, "almost 1 out of 4 third graders in Hawaii has untreated tooth decay…children are not getting the dental care they need.”

Please kokua, together we can help give every child the opportunity they deserve - the chance of a brighter future.

47,894 Keiki in Hawaii don't know where their next meal is coming from.


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