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What are the Benefits of Dental Sealants?

What are the Benefits of Dental Sealants?

What are the Benefits of Dental Sealants?

A dental sealant might seem reserved for your young child or teen. But it can help you, too. Because while cavities are more common in childhood, that doesn’t mean adults can’t get them. The benefits of dental sealants, then, outweigh the stigma that might surround them.

Previously, we delved a bit into how dental sealants work. In a nutshell, a dental sealant works by “sealing in” any grooves or areas in the teeth that are susceptible to tooth decay. Because your toothbrush can’t reach these areas, food particles and sugars tend to collect in these areas. As they continue to stay there, the food particles will begin to decompose. The bacteria present in the mouth turns the residual sugars into acid, which then attack the enamel.

If these areas are covered up, there is nowhere for these leftover particles to go. When you brush your teeth, it becomes easier to sweep these particles and leftovers away. This action leaves less fuel for bacteria to turn into acid. A dental sealant is then, essentially, a protective plastic coating that plugs in these grooves to prevent tooth decay from forming in them.

While this is the main benefit one may draw from dental sealants, it’s not the only one. Dental sealants, fortunately, have a lot more going for them than you think. Here, then, are some of the benefits of dental sealants:

  • Quick and easy application

    As compared to their other alternatives, applying a dental sealant is quick and convenient. It also takes a more preventive approach to the issue of cavities. In contrast, your typical cavity treatment usually comes after the fact. These solutions mostly focus on mitigating further harm to the teeth. And depending on your teeth, it can take hours to over a few days to complete. With dental sealants, you nip the problem before it even becomes one.

  • Immediate effects

    Another benefit to dental sealants is how quick you can see the results. Once they’re applied, they immediately take effect. There’s no need to wait for it or undergo other procedures before they show their efficacy. Once they’re there, they begin to do their job. No grace period to wait for, no restrictions to follow succeeding the procedure. Moreover, it shows consistent results—a dental sealant will continue to seal out food particles until it begins to break down, which takes many years after.

  • Affordable and durable

    Don’t you hate it when you spend so much money on something, only to have it lose effect quickly afterward? Fortunately, dental sealants are the exact opposite. Because you place them in specific areas only, they don’t cost as much as other treatments. The materials used are also relatively affordable, driving the price down further. (Sealants for kids are also usually covered by your dental insurance!) And it doesn’t just stop at affordability. With proper oral hygiene, dental sealants usually last you a good portion of your life. Some sealants can reach up to several years with the appropriate care before you’ll need to have it reapplied again. Talk about bang for your buck!

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