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Dental Assistants Can Detect Hypertension

People suffering from heart ailments have special needs when it comes to oral care. In fact, there are a few things to consider prior to visiting the dentist if the patient suffers from certain heart conditions.

This condition often requires lifetime treatment. Hypertension comes with detrimental consequences, all of which require a careful approach by a dentist.

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension is a fancy name for high blood pressure. While initially, it is minimally harmful, it can cause further health complications if one does not treat it.

Many are aware of the fact that hypertension is a worldwide health issue. In fact, about 27 percent of adults may suffer from high blood pressure, according to the World Health Organization.

Moreover, the results of untreated high blood pressure are well-known. This may include kidney disease, stroke, retinopathy, heart attack, stroke, or developing heart disease. There is also a universal consensus that the best approach to eliminate the risks of such conditions is early detection and proper treatment of hypertension.

Several people with high blood pressure are actually unaware of their own condition. Furthermore, many cases of hypertension are diagnosed at a primary health care facility, commonly when patients seek medical attention for other conditions or symptoms.

Hypertension in Dental Patients

In many industrialized nations, dental care is generally the only public healthcare organization that healthy individuals visit for routine checkups. Patients only visit other healthcare organizations just to consult when certain pain is felt or when certain health complications arise.

Hence, dental examinations may be one of the most appropriate healthcare organizations for a systemic opportunistic screening of patients. After all, a problem in one of part of the body often has connections to problems in other parts of the body.

Thus, a multidisciplinary approach featuring the collaboration between primary health care services and dental services for clinical work-ups is critical.

Hypertension management in dental clinics covers disease recognition and broad knowledge of its oral side effects. Additionally, risk evaluation for the dental treatment of those with hypertension is also critical for dentists to understand. The role of a dentist in examining undertreated and undiagnosed hypertension is crucial as this may result in improved monitoring and more effective treatment.

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