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How Often Should Children Visit the Dentist?

When taking care of your child’s dental health, their pediatric dentist is a crucial figure in their life. But while it’s tempting to get them a weekly check-up after their first tooth shows, it might be a bit of an overkill. How often, then, should you take your child to their pediatric dentist?

To answer this, we might need to delve a bit more into why these dental check-ups are so important. We briefly touched on the importance of taking your child to the dentist in a previous post, but now let’s get into the meat of it.

Your child’s dental check-up builds their dental foundation

When it comes to reining in the importance of oral care, parents are at the frontline. Before the child can take care of themselves, it is the parents that care for their gums and teeth while they are growing. Consequently, they’re also responsible for building good oral habits when the child is of age.

However, there is only so much that parents can do. A visit to the dentist can help pinpoint any underlying problems overlooked. Pediatric dentists have access to dental X-rays, which allows them to check whether your child might have any hidden cavities on their baby teeth. These cavities could quickly grow into more significant dental problems, like periodontitis. Pediatric dentists also have a record of your child’s dental history. If your child comes to the clinic with a dental problem, the dentist can find the probable causes of your child’s dental causes. And if they catch it in the initial stages, they can nip them in the bud.

Getting them early into the habit of seeing a dentist regularly—particularly one they trust—makes it easier for them to head there during times of dental emergency. The dentist’s office also becomes a place where your children can learn how to tend to their oral health, and what parents could do to promote it.

How often should your child see their pediatric dentist?

With the benefits a regular check-up can offer, how many times should your child take a trip to the dentist, then? Twice a year, sans the emergency consultations. This time frame usually allows your pediatric dentist to monitor any developments that have occurred throughout the year.

Some parents might wonder if it’s still necessary to take their child to the dentist despite having healthy teeth. You should take them all the more. If your child’s teeth look relatively healthy, taking them to the dentist is a considerable preventive measure. It’s during these appointments where they perform the necessary cleanings and treatments that kick your child’s teeth into gear to fight against decay. Such measures may include gentle dental scaling, fluoride varnish, and sealant application. If the pediatric dentist also finds any signs of decay or oral problems during the examination, they can also treat it during the initial stages. Early treatment then prevents a full-blown cavity or periodontal issue.

Bottom line? Keep that 6-month dental appointment blocked off, even if your child might not seem to need it. It will do wonders for them in the long run.

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