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How To Take Care Of Your Kid’s New Teeth

It is imperative to look after your child’s new or primary teeth.

Sooner or later they will fall out. However, until they do, they play a pivotal role in developing a child’s bite, helping them chew their food, and helping them speak clearly.

The good news is that a lot of the same assessment and treatment options that adults have are also available to children.

Parents must be aware that their children may encounter the following at childhood:


Cavities can easily develop when sugary food is allowed to stay in the mouth for a long period of time. Indeed, this can erode the enamel of the tooth since the bacteria that reside on the tooth feast on these food particles. It is true that saliva helps get rid of the acid between meals. However, if a child eats sugar often, there may not be sufficient time for this acid to get cleared away.

Wiggly Teeth

Children’s primary teeth will start to come loose when he or she is approximately six-years-old. Allow your child to wiggle the tooth until it falls out on its own. In so doing, this shall reduce the bleeding as well as the pain linked with a lost tooth.

Is it Necessary to Clean an Infant’s Gums Before They Develop Teeth?

Yes, certainly! Even before your child sports his or her first tooth, it is helpful to get into the habit of cleaning and wiping his gums using a soft wet washcloth or gauze when you bathe him or her. All you need to do is to wrap the gauze or washcloth around your index finger and afterward carefully rub it over his or her gums. Toothpaste is not yet necessary.

It is worth mentioning that bacteria found in the mouth cannot damage the gums prior to the teeth erupting, but it can be unpredictable when the teeth are beginning to push through, so you may prefer to begin earlier. When you start wiping or cleaning a baby’s gums and consider it a vital part of your baby’s daily routine, it will also be easier for you to handle the transition into tooth brushing in the near future.

What do I do once my child’s teeth begin to erupt?

Bear in mind that it is fundamental to keep your child’s new teeth clean. Indeed, at the time the secondary teeth begin to erupt, it is valuable to make cleaning them a top priority as they will last a lifetime.

Dental professionals usually recommend starting regular dental checkups and professional cleaning once the permanent teeth begin to erupt. This is to ensure that they stay in good condition and are cavity-free.

Consult your dentist when the right time for your child to get a dental appointment will be. Your dentist can educate you on how to look after your child’s secondary teeth so that you can teach him or her the proper approach.

As parents, you can encourage good oral health for your child through helping him or her pick low-sugar and healthy foods and beverages. For instance, opt for crackers, cheese, and a glass of milk instead of soda and cookies. You may also give your child a sugarless gum/candy to help prevent cavities.

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