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How To Prevent Food From Sticking Around Your Dental Implant?

Surely, dental implants are a great form of tooth replacement. They look and act just as any other tooth in the mouth.

While they help us with eating and speaking, many are extra cautious when keeping their dental implants clean and in good condition.

When eating, it’s important that just like with our other teeth, we clean our dental implants of any foods or other particles that stick to it.

How can I prevent and clean food from sticking around my dental implant?

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that preventing food from sticking to or around your dental implant is impossible. However, to fix the situation, it’s quite simple.

Some say maintaining and cleaning dental implants is difficult, but it’s actually fairly easy.

Simply opt to use an oral irrigator, also commonly referred to as a “water flosser,” “hydroflosser,” or a “water pik” which can be found in a local convenience store on the toothbrush and floss aisle.

This electronic device is like a little hose for your mouth. It squirts water with the right amount of pressure between and around your teeth to blast out food particles and other substances lodged between your teeth.

Simply add water to its reservoir and used when the device has a charged battery. These devices often have different levels of pressure for different individuals’ levels of comfort.

Water flossers are truly a great option, especially for those with dental implants or even braces. They can be bought for around $30-100 on average, depending on its capabilities and the model and name brand and such. Paying around $60, though, is your best bet.

For those with removable dental implants, a water flosser may not be necessary as you can simply manually remove your implant and clean it by hand.

However, because many struggles with the proper act of flossing or even fail to floss altogether, water flossers are one of many great alternatives to flossing and is advised to use for a variety of different people, even for non-dental implant wearers.

What happens if I don’t properly clean my dental implants?

Just because a dental implant is not a real tooth doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be cleaned.

While dental implants are made of different materials and replace the root of the tooth, if you fail to properly clean your dental implant on a twice-a-day minimum basis, you can and will suffer from an increase in oral bacteria count which over time can cause an oral infection around your dental implant.

This infection can actually cause your implant to eject or fail. In some cases, it may have to be removed by a dental professional until the situation is fixed.

With how pricey dental implants are for most, it’s best that you take the extra precautions when caring for your dental implant to ensure your mouth is healthy enough to retain it. Having it fail may prevent you temporarily or permanently from ever having a dental implant in that area of your mouth again. Play it safe, and clean your implants.

Aside from cleaning your implants, we at Hawaii Family Dental suggest getting your overall oral health in check through a dental visit. During your dental visit, our dentist will check your teeth and other parts of oral cavity for signs of dental problems for immediate treatment. Moreover, we will also clean your teeth to free them of plaque and tartar buildup that could damage your them and affect your quality of life.

Disclaimer: The oral health information published on this web page is solely intended for educational purposes. Hawaii Family Dental strongly recommends to always consult licensed dentists or other qualified health care professionals for any questions concerning your oral health.


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