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In pursuing a whiter smile, we can fail to set realistic teeth whitening results. Before cycling through dental professionals, focus on your oral health.

How to Set Realistic Teeth Whitening Results

In pursuing a whiter smile, we can fail to set realistic teeth whitening results. Before cycling through dental professionals, focus on your oral health.

While we’ve slowly become more inclusive with our beauty standards, the massive expectations unfortunately still stay the same. Whether it’s the pressure to look fit or to have a certain kind of look, there’s always the temptation to be a little too harsh on ourselves when we fail to reach those standards. And when it comes to our dental health, this insecurity comes in different forms—particularly when it comes to achieving those pearly white teeth. But while straight, decay-free teeth are imperative to good oral health, getting an über-brilliant smile isn’t. It’s high time we start setting realistic teeth whitening results.

In the past, you might have experimented with different types of teeth whitening products. That could mean a carbamide peroxide teeth whitening kit, or some whitening toothpaste, or even a hydrogen peroxide and baking soda paste. And before trying it out, you might’ve been lured in with the promise of quick and effective pearly whites, often after 30 minutes of application. 

But sometimes, thinking this way can set us up for failure. We might find, for instance, that instead of blinding brightness, our teeth are more yellow after whitening procedures. And we might beat ourselves over it, despite yellow teeth being a regular thing in some cases.

How, then, can we set realistic teeth whitening results for ourselves?   

  1. Know what you want from your smile

    Before you set yourself for realistic teeth whitening results, ask yourself—is a whiter smile really what you need? Or is there something else you can do for your teeth? What might come across as a dull smile might actually be a case of poor oral health. Whether it’s traces of tooth decay or staining from your cup of tea or coffee, a good brush and floss often do the job. And in cases where your oral hygiene routine no longer suffices, having it checked with dental professionals is always a good idea.

    There might also be times where your teeth are in tip-top condition, only to be plagued with occlusion problems. In that case, an appointment with some dental professionals—particularly an orthodontist—is crucial.

  2. Healthy is always better than bright

    So you find yourself going through one teeth whitening kit after another in pursuit of a whiter smile. Maybe you tried a bit of home whitening in between, encouraged by promises of instant whiteness after 30 minutes of application. Perhaps you’ve tried a whole slew of teeth whitening products or gone through various dental professionals. But while there’s no harm in pursuing a whiter smile, sometimes the extra mile might not be necessary. And at times, it can be quite expensive.

    In the end, then, your oral health will always trump how white your teeth are. No matter how dull you might find your smile to be, in the end, a healthy smile still carries the same charm as the ultra-bright smiles you see on the billboards. 

  3. Yellow teeth are not your enemy

    When it comes to unrealistic whitening expectations, the promise of a beaming, bluish-white smile is probably the heaviest of all. As a matter of fact, it’s near impossible—because our dentin is naturally yellow, all teeth have yellowish undertones. So before you subject your teeth to a barrage of bleaching agents, take a step back. To achieve realistic teeth whitening results, it’s always best to look at the bigger picture. 

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