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10 Foods And Drinks Your Teeth Will Love

Food nutrients allow the cells in our body to function properly by nourishing them.

Food is our body’s “source of information” on how to function.

If our body does not get the “right information,” its functioning suffers and our health declines.

Since 431 B.C., the Father of Medicine Hippocrates had recognized the essentiality of food in keeping our overall health in check.

He once articulated, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Many studies have agreed with Hippocrates, showing the health benefits and the various nutrients and phytochemicals associated with food.

Keeping a balanced and nutritious diet is key to a healthy life.

And an essential part of our overall well-being lies in our oral health. As it was said, the mouth is the mirror of the body.

Also, food comes in contact with our body first through our mouth that maintaining healthy teeth and gums can lead to a well-functioning body.

Our teeth need vitamin-rich food. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends consuming food rich in vitamins and minerals and avoiding sugar-rich food.

To help you achieve stronger and healthier teeth through your diet, we list down foods which contain the nutrients your teeth and body needed.

  • Celery, carrot, and apple. These three crunchy foods act like a toothbrush to our teeth by wiping away excess bacteria and plaque found in the mouth. They also stimulate saliva production which is essential in maintaining our oral health. Saliva functions as a lubricant, and helps antimicrobial and cleansing activity, tissue repair, and the dilution of sugars after food and drinks intake. Celery, carrot, and apple contain high levels of vitamin A and C for stronger gums.
  • Leafy vegetables. Vitamins and minerals such as calcium fill these foods. Calcium, in particular, helps in the building the enamel, one of the four primary tissues of the human tooth. Leafy vegetables also contain folic acids which are beneficial in preventing gum diseases.
  • Yogurt, milk, and cheese. These dairy products have protein and calcium to strengthen the enamel and the protective minerals found on the surfaces of the teeth. They also neutralize acids in the mouth. Yogurt contains probiotics which combat harmful bacteria, while milk and cheese encourage saliva production.
  • Citrus fruits. Like celery, carrot, and apple, citrus fruits increase the flow of saliva to shield the enamel from erosion. They also wash away acid-producing bacteria through the water found in citrus fruits.
  • Cashew. This nut has abundant microbe-fighting properties to destroy bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gum diseases.
  • Raw onions. By chewing raw onions for two to three minutes, oral cavity can potentially be killed. Raw onions have natural, antibacterial property and sulfur compounds helpful in preventing dental caries.
  • Raisin. Despite its innate sweetness, raisins do not contain sucrose that aid in the buildup of plaque. Instead, raisins suppress the development of oral bacteria.
  • Sesame seeds. These foods are abundant in calcium. Sesame seeds also build enamel and dissolve plaque.
  • Broccoli. This vegetable contains iron, making an acid-resistant film on the teeth. It also contains high levels of antioxidants, and vitamin C. Broccoli helps in the prevention of cancer, including oral cancer.
  • Shiitake mushroom. This edible mushroom which is native to East Asia has natural, anti-microbial properties.

Aside from eating this nutrient-filled food, it is best to avoid foods that are unhealthy and cause harm to your oral health and overall well-being.

Practice well-balanced diet and good health habits for your body to function well and to its full potential.

Disclaimer: The oral health information published on this web page is solely intended for educational purposes. Hawaii Family Dental strongly recommends to always consult licensed dentists or other qualified health care professionals for any questions concerning your oral health.

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