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When that special day arrives, you'll want a wedding ready smile makeover. But how can you get that picture perfect smile on your wedding day?

4 Ways to Get that Wedding Ready Smile

When that special day arrives, you'll want a wedding ready smile makeover. But how can you get that picture perfect smile on your wedding day?

There’s usually a lot that goes into creating a picture-perfect wedding day. And it’s not a simple endeavor. For one, it’s the matter of getting the place right, whether that means choosing a venue or picking out a theme. For another, it’s about getting the right people for that special day. That includes the wedding coordinator to the guests. And whether you’re the bride or groom, there’s the extra pressure of looking perfect for the wedding photos. While what you wear does play a big role, there’s nothing that captures the joy of the moment like a wedding-ready smile. 

But while it does bring some pizzaz to your wedding look, it’s not as easy to cop as you might think. When making sure your teeth are pearly white for your wedding day, you also have to check for any potential dental mishaps that can sour those wedding photos. It’s important to note, however, that sometimes those picture-perfect pearly whites go beyond a smile makeover. In those cases, a little photo-editing magic is all it takes.

How, then, can you ensure that your smile is wedding ready during that special day? Here are x ways to make a smile makeover that counts:

  1.  Stick with your oral hygiene routine

    When planning the special day, it’s usually done months in advance. So when it comes to getting that picture-perfect smile, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare. Mainly if you haven’t kept up with your oral hygiene, now’s the right time to catch up on your brushing and flossing. Once the months go by, you might find you’ve got that wedding-ready smile as the days go by. And with none of that icky plaque build-up, either.


  2. Get your teeth checked by a professional

    Of course, some situations usually go beyond the usual brush and floss. Things like crooked teeth and deep-set staining, after all, typically require more advanced solutions. When in doubt, then, it’s better to book yourself an appointment with the dentist to see how you could improve your smile. Whether it’s a rigorous tooth cleaning, a set of braces, or a teeth whitening treatment, you’re sure to get the remedy you need to turn a good smile into a wedding-ready one.


  3. Look for some wedding ready smile hacks

    Not all picture-perfect smiles are the result of excellent oral health, though. Sure, the bright smiles you see in ads might be the model’s own, but not without some tricks and tips. Look online, and you’ll find countless hacks on how to let your smile look its best in photographs. Whether that means keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth or tilting your head a certain way, you won’t be at a lack of ideas for your wedding photos.


  4. Find the right photographer

    You may have the brightest smile and did all you could to make it pop. When you look at the wedding photos, however, you might find yourself disappointed at how they turn out in the end. Aside from taking care of your oral hygiene, getting wedding-ready smile also entails a little photo magic. So don’t be afraid of looking for a good photographer for your big day. 

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