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What Are Teeth Whitening Trays?

If you’re the type of person who prefers to do things on your own, then tray whitening is certainly an outstanding choice.

This is known as an original, at-home approach that is quite effective.

Whitening gel and bleaching trays are known as tray-based whitening materials.

On the other hand, tray whitening materials comprise of whitening and bleaching trays.

Please note that there are risk-free and simple options to enhance your smile, in company with flossing and brushing. Some of these options include bleaching procedure that make use of custom whitening trays.

This helps put a healthy appearance back into your mouth without the need to spend extravagantly.

What Are Custom Trays?

There are several over-the-counter products available for whitening the teeth without the need for a dentist’s supervision. Most dentists recommend the use of custom-fit mouth trays. These trays are made by your dentist.

It is valuable to note that tooth whitening gel may leak out of unshapely trays which can cause irritation to your gums. Aside from this, non-custom trays are not as efficient as custom trays. You can inhibit these issues by opting for trays that are specifically fit to your bite and mouth.

At-Home Whitening Process

Prior to starting the teeth whitening process, the dentist will prefer to clean your teeth and treat any dental issues such as gum disease or decay. The next stage is creating your custom trays — at times termed custom bleach, splints, or stents.

Afterward, the dentist shall take an impression of your teeth and will use the molds to create the trays. This typically takes roughly two days.

Then, the dentist will instruct you to put a small amount of the bleaching solution into the clear trays and make sure you wear the trays for about 4 hours daily for a one- to two-week period. In actuality, patients are usually astonished at how much whitening takes place during this period, and an infrequent treatment now and then is all that’s necessary to ensure your teeth look their best.

Adverse Effects

Teeth bleaching is definitely a painless and easy approach that is risk-free for your teeth as well as for your current dental work. For a fact, patients seldom observe tooth sensitivity at the time of their at-home teeth whitening course.

Approximately 1 to 3 days after completing the whitening process, the sensitivity commonly vanishes if previously present, and you can once again enjoy eating ice cream and other sweets. However, make sure to consult your dentist if any sensitivity persists, so they can check for any other dental issues.

How to Naturally Keep the Teeth White and Possess a Brilliant Smile:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day using whitening toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association.
  • Floss on a daily basis, preferably after eating.
  • See the dentist at least twice a year, or adhere to your regular dental checkup or cleaning appointments.
  • Quit smoking and using other tobacco products.

Bear in mind that how your teeth appear when you smile is quite vital to everyone irrespective of your age. Talk to your dentist about custom whitening trays if you wish to obtain whiter teeth and a brighter smile.

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