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Want Straighter Teeth? Here’s What You Should Do

Everyone dreams of having straighter teeth and a more attractive smile.

In reality, wearing braces is not the sole approach to obtain this.

There are some ways you can correct your teeth without the need to wear braces, depending on your particular condition.

Can Dentists Correct Dental Problems Without the Use of Braces?

If you are suffering from any of the following, then you may require orthodontic treatment which does not necessarily call for braces:


Treating a bite out of alignment commonly necessitates dental appliances in order to adjust the position of your jaw.

Slight overcrowding

If you are one of those whose teeth are just slightly crooked because of minor overcrowding, retainers may be used to treat this issue.

Narrowed upper jaw or underdeveloped palate

With the aid of expanders, it is possible to broaden the palate. This helps form space that you require for your teeth to shift into their proper positions.

Your orthodontist can double-check how to correct your teeth without wearing braces. This will depend how minor or major your condition is.

Whichever approach you and your orthodontist pick, it matters to maintain stringent dental hygiene at the time of treatment. Thus, this can guarantee that your teeth stay strong and in good condition.


There are fixed retainers such as a bonded lingual retainers. Dentists place cement on the teeth’s interior surface to prevent permanent retainers from moving. As a result, this aids with the patient’s bite and correction of the teeth. Moreover, this is a great and lasting solution. However, it can’t be removed by yourself for any sort of repair or relief.

There are also Hawley retainers which are removable and created from acrylic and metal wires created to fit the frame of a person’s mouth based on a dental impression. These can be created for the lower as well as upper mouth arches and can greatly help correct teeth.

For those who wish to correct the appearance of their smile, removable retainers are ideal. The user can remove these for occasional relief or for special occasions. However, they are easy to lose and are quite costly to replace.

Additionally, another dental appliance that can help straighten the teeth without the need to wear braces is headgear. Kids with protruding upper teeth may experience excessive overbite. Luckily, the use of headgear can treat strong overbites.

This pressure against the jaw and upper teeth shift both the teeth and the jaw into proper position at the same time. Patients must wear headgear for a certain number of hours in a day to notice improvements.

However, the main drawback of headgear is that they are not quite discrete. Additionally, it usually takes time to enable adequate outcomes in treating malocclusions.

To add, dentists also insert palatal expanders which can help broaden the arch of the upper teeth if your child’s mouth is too small for the secondary teeth to erupt. This helps make space for the teeth to shift normally into proper positions.

A dentist will attach these to the upper molars with the use of dental cement. Expanders are generally invisible. Although, patients can encounter minor pain each time it is adjusted.

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