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What Does Your Favorite Candy Say About You?

We all love candy, there’s no denying that.

However, candy in general can be harmful to the teeth.

Finding proper ways to eat these tasty treats or even strictly limiting them is important.

Due to the fact that we all love candy, why not take the time to figure out what your favorite candy says about your personality?

Below, you’ll be given dental facts regarding your favorite candy and how you can best eat it to ensure less dental problems in the future.

What does your favorite candy say about your personality?


If you chose chocolate as your favorite candy, your personality is sweet and romantic. You love to be the one to cheer other people up when they’re down and put everyone else before your own problems.

You’re a great listener, and you’re always that friend that offers a shoulder to cry on. You make everyone’s life sweet.

Luckily, dark chocolate offers benefits for the teeth. Dark chocolate offers many vitamins and minerals helpful for the mouth and rest of the body, and chocolate may also contain anti-bacterial properties to fight against plaque and cavities.

However, limit your chocolate intake. Plus, due to high carbs and sugar, chocolate should not be eaten in excess. If possible, opt for chocolate that contains less sugar.


Gummy candy lovers are fun and outgoing. You stand out in the crowd, and you’re not afraid to be different. So what if somebody judges you?

You’re generally a very happy person and aren’t afraid of change. You adapt well to life’s ups, downs, and twists. You bring joy and positivity to everyone around you.

Gummies are yummy, but due to their gooey texture, they can easily stick in and around the teeth, quickly causing tooth sensitivity and cavities. After consumption, one should thoroughly brush and floss their teeth to ensure no pieces are left behind.

Jaw Breakers

Love Jaw Breakers or other hard candies the most? You’re brave and self-sufficient. You like doing things for yourself and helping others when they need someone to depend on.

You’re the first person to be there to offer a helping hand and the last person to give up. You’re also known at times to crave a little competition.

Jaw Breakers and other hard candies are prone to chipping or cracking the teeth when bitten into. For this reason, it’s important that young children or those with fragile teeth do not consume these unless they are careful. Sucking on the Jaw Breaker or other candy before biting into it is advised.


Those who love bubble gum as their favorite candy are sociable and independent. You may be more mature than many of your friends, but you also make for a great leader and offer great advice to others. You typically shrug things off if they don’t go your way, and you’re confident in yourself that you’ll make things work eventually.

Sugarless chewing gum is good for the teeth as it rids of oral bacteria and leftover food particles in the mouth, it freshens up bad breath, and it increases saliva flow to prevent dry mouth. However, it’s best advised to chew gum that doesn’t contain sugars for it to be helpful for the teeth.


Last but not least, caramel lovers are simple and kind. You’re not quick to judge others.

While you tend to be a little on the quieter side at times, your simplistic and easy-going personality is attractive to many. There’s something about you that’s mysterious; yet, you’re an open person once you get to know others on a personal level.

Caramels are very sticky and gooey. These are terrible for braces and other orthodontic devices in the mouth.

Like other candies, caramels are prone to sticking in the teeth and causing cavities. Thoroughly brush and floss after consumption to ensure pieces of caramel don’t get left behind in the mouth.

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