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Dental Digital X-Ray | Hawaii Family Dental

Disease sometimes hides between your teeth or in places the eye can't see. This is why your dentist uses X-rays to detect any hidden issues such as cavities and bone infections. Digital X-rays are faster to produce and interpret than photographic film because they use digital sensors. This means your dentist can identify and treat any underlying problems in your mouth.

Why Choose Us?

  • More moms have referred us than any other dental office in Hawaii since 1986.
  • Honolulu Magazine recognized 35 "Best Dentists" at Hawaii Family Dental in 2017, five times more than anyone else.
  • Hawaii Family Dental is the only office has every specialty.
  • 11 convenient locations throughout Hawaii
  • Extended weekday and weekend hours
  • Financing options as low as 0% interest for 24 months
  • We love insurance and will maximize your benefits.
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