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Dental Digital X-Ray | Hawaii Family Dental

X-rays can reveal problems that the naked eye can't spot. The images X-rays create can show cavities, hidden teeth like wisdom teeth, and bone loss below the gums. In turn, X-rays can also when diagnosing a dental patient.

Dental X-rays come in different types. Common types include bitewing, periapical, occlusal, panoramic, and digital X-rays.

  • Bitewing X-rays can help a dentist check for tooth decay between the teeth. These X-rays show the upper and lower back teeth in one view. Thus, they can also help a dentist check the alignment of the teeth.
  • Periapical X-rays help dentists find issues below the gum line or in the jaw. Hence, they can help a dentist spot impacted teeth, tumors, cysts, and abscesses. These X-rays show the entire tooth from the top of the crown to the end of the root. They can also show the bones supporting the tooth.
  • Occlusal X-rays give a view of the mouth's roof and floor. These can help dentists identify extra teeth, teeth that have not broken through the gums, fractures on the jaw, cleft palate, cysts, and abscesses.
  • Panoramic X-rays show a comprehensive view of the teeth, the nasal area, and the jaws including the temporomandibular joints. Panoramic X-rays can reveal impacted teeth, abnormalities of the bones, cysts, tumors, infections, and fractures.
  • Digital X-rays use digital sensors instead of photographic film. They have 10% of the radiation that a normal X-ray has. Tihs involves less radiation than a roundtrip neighboring island flight.

Hawaii Family Dental uses digital X-rays.

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