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Dr. Angelica-Marie Puisis


Dr. Angelica-Marie Puisis

Dr. Angelica “Gelly” Puisis loves making her patients feel comfortable while caring for their smiles.

“I’ve seen many patients come in feeling anxious about visiting the dentist because they are ashamed of their teeth. There was one woman in particular who, after talking-story for a bit, felt more open to addressing her oral health and the different options available to her. Over time, we were able to restore her teeth. I will always remember the first time she saw her final results in the mirror. She was ecstatic and couldn’t stop smiling. I felt so happy to have helped her!”

On the weekends, Dr. Gelly enjoys hiking, fishing, and playing board games with her husband, Jack, and her son, Jaxon.

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Patient Testimonials

Lou K. Avatar
Lou K.
8/05/2020 - Google

I just recently had an implant put in and the experience was very good. Dr, Spiegel did a fantastic job. I plan on getting others but my only concern is the price is much higher than prices I have found on the island or the mainland.

Charlotte R. Avatar
Charlotte R.
7/04/2020 - Google

I am very happy to write this. Due to my fears from early dental treatments, I was so pleased to find that you listened to me and now I have little apprehension about the very necessary procedures. Everyone I've come in contact with has shown me TLC...Dr. Geli first and of course Caroline ,Merlin, Nokea and Ne'Shone...and Selenna with my appointments. What a team ! I should include Dr. Lum at Restaurant Row office and his helpers Alex and Cedric....please pass this on to them ,too.Again. mahalo for the excellent care and kindness,Charlotte Roach

Lynnda C. Avatar
Lynnda C.
8/04/2019 - Google

I am so comfortable and every experience is truly painless and everyone all staff and all dentist are the most gentle and lovely ohana I have ever experienced. I would never go anywhere else. God bless all the wonderful angels that take great care of me.

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