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Dr. Caitlin Armstrong


Dr. Caitlin Armstrong

Dental Education

University of Texas Health Science Center

What would you like patients to know about you?

I’m a born and raised Texan with a deep love for BBQ and tacos. I love all things outside, including gardening though I’ve managed to kill every plant I’ve ever had. I moved here 3 days after graduating dental school, following my husband who was stationed here. I love to laugh, I love my patients, and love dentistry.

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Patient Testimonials

Amanda B. Avatar
Amanda B.
10/13/2020 - Google

I’ve always been self conscious of my teeth. I’ve had braces in the past for a very long time. I showed up to my appointment. Everyone was so nice. I mean everyone. They didn’t make you feel uncomfortable and are willing to help you achieve whatever smile goal you dream of. Dr. Armstrong is the first dentist I’ve had that I truly enjoy going to see. Thank you guys!

Jason H. Avatar
Jason H.
9/14/2020 - Google

I had a filling done by the ewa beach location and it broke in short time. I had the filling done by Dr Eng who seemed very concerned about being fast. I felt rushed outI had gone to this location over the ewa beach location more out of availability. However.... I felt the dentist (C. Armstrong) was less concerned about leaving or turning over her chair. She took the time to make sure the anesthetic was working prior to beginning. I felt she was very professional and will return to her location for future work.

Leilani C. Avatar
Leilani C.
6/14/2020 - Google

Dr. Inouye and Dr. Armstrong did a wonderful job for my dad and took care if his emergency needs. Hawaii family dental is always welcoming and great at easing my nervousness when I visit. The entire staff is Truly a great team!!

Susan D. Avatar
Susan D.
6/14/2020 - Google

the entire staff was friendly, informative, and made me feel very comfortable, especially at a Dentist office, which is not the most pleasant place to see. loved my new Dentist Dr. Armstrong, she gave me a thorough examination to target the reason for a recent, intense toothache. options available regarding the results of x-rays. will be back next week for follow up. overall experience was satisfying!!

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