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dentist dr. ernest lau

Dr. Ernest Lau

dentist dr ernest lau


Dr. Ernest Lau

What would you like patients to know about you?

Dr. Ernest Lau’s lifelong passion is dentistry. He’s been highly referred for four decades and his patients love the time he takes to help educate them about oral health.

Being able to serve the community he grew up in is a dream come true. “I love improving my patients’ smiles and how it leads to a positive self-image and increased confidence.”

Dr. Lau is a proud father of three children and enjoys spending his free time golfing and traveling. He especially enjoys discovering diverse cultures by trying new foods.

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Our First Commercial!

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Why Choose

Dr. Lau

  • Practicing denstitry for 42 years
  • Rated 5 stars on Yelp and Google
  • One of the most referred dentist on Oahu

Patient Testimonials

James K. Avatar
James K.
11/23/2022 - Google
The new hygienist is so thorough and has a great attitude! Dr. Lau dropped in after to take a look, at which time I was able to commend him for the many fittings and patient (both meanings intended) care. He is the best. He crafted a partial denture that needs no adhesive, stays put while eating, and has almost no food slipping under it. It is held by a good fit causing super suction and the very few teeth I have left on my upper gums.
It will be a great loss when he actually re-retires!
Aloha, Dr. Lau.
Jan V. Avatar
Jan V.
8/18/2021 - Google
The team at Hawaii family Dental offers excellent service and treatment. I have been in for teeth cleaning, a root canal and a crown installment. I needed to have my crown installed before a trip and they were very efficient with their service in making sure i got everything done before then. Dr. Jessica Liu performed my root canal and Dr. Lau installed my crown. Both did an excellent job, treating me with great care throughout.Customer service is very patient and flexible when it comes to scheduling your appointment.
Lokelani J. Avatar
Lokelani J.
6/14/2020 - Google
Everyone was so pleasant from start to finish. Lei did her best to relive my discomfort while taking x-rays. Charice (not sure of spelling) is so awesome and made me feel taken care of. Doctor Lau is so fun and great at his job!!Thank you for all that you do! ♥️
Amy S. Avatar
Amy S.
10/14/2019 - Google
Dr. Lau and Mary Jane are absolutely wonderful. Both very caring and professional.
Ana H. Avatar
Ana H.
10/14/2018 - Google
Dr. Lau is THE best dentist I've ever had!! Hands down!! Friendly, funny, and extremely skilled at what he does. Had extensive work done and the process was completed with minimal pain and without irritating referrals to other offices. Thanks Dr. Lau! As for HF Dental, staff are very organized and reminders are sent via email and text.

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