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Dr. Neal Tamura

Dr. Neal Tamura has dedicated his life to providing gentle and life-changing care. “We recently completed an extensive dental rehabilitation of a patient, which included extractions, dentures and implants. He now has completed his schooling in counseling and has been clear of drugs and alcohol.” When asked how he knew his patient’s life was changed, Dr. Tamura replied “Does skipping along in and out qualify as happy?”

Dr. Tamura was headed for a music career in the 7th grade. Inspired by his mom and childhood dentist, “I thought, my dentist is a kind, gentle man of grace and good will. Perhaps that is my calling as I do enjoy science and love the arts. So here I am, the artist in disguise as a dentist!”.

In his spare time, Dr. Tamura enjoys coaching Maryknoll’s canoe team, swimming, bicycling, and paddling.

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