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Dr. Ronald Mau

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Dr. Ronald Mau

Dental Education

Northwestern Dental School

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Patient Testimonials

Aaron t. Avatar
Aaron t.
11/16/2020 - Google

Dr. Spivek was absolutely phenomenal! An immense step up from the guy i saw there previously. He was extremely knowledgeable, very informative, and communicated with his assistant on a very professional level, and she was awesome as well, its not been very often if ever that i won't mind going back to this dentist!

Perry s. Avatar
Perry s.
11/12/2020 - Google

Just was there for implant prep with Dr Gill. She's really professional and caring. Everyone in the Hilo is great!!!!

Nancy &. Avatar
Nancy &.
11/11/2020 - Google

We went to this office and we both were very impressed with the friendly staff. Dr Spivack is a great, caring dentist, and the hygienist, Anthony, was very thorough. We hope that our insurance continues to include this office, as we would be very sad to change.

CharlieBrew T. Avatar
CharlieBrew T.
11/11/2020 - Google

Outstanding. So first they got me an appointment on a Saturday. I was in severe pain. The team members were some of the most friendliest people I've met. Efficiency must be their mission statement for that is what I experienced. So the dentist Alexander Spivak found not one but three teeth that needed to be removed. Then to my amazement Alex set me up for the extractions at 11:00 AM on the same day. WOW. Alex has a great personality and he knows his stuff. Alex also informed me of what he was doing and when; all along the way he was ensuring I wasn't experiencing any pain. Alex and his team made this so great I don't mind going to the dentist now. Mahalo, Charles

Barbara S. Avatar
Barbara S.
11/04/2020 - Google

The best dental hygienist and teeth cleaning.

Matthew B. Avatar
Matthew B.
11/04/2020 - Google

Everyone with polite and professional. The wait was short. I was taked in at my appointment time. I was very comfortable throughout the whole process. Just happy that I can be going back to the dentist for my oral care.

Penny A. Avatar
Penny A.
10/18/2020 - Google

Warm Welcome

george Avatar
10/11/2020 - Google

The orthodontist was very caring and professional. She put me right at ease then started in on the deep cleaning. My dentist had explained the procedure at my last visit so made it more pleasant. The orthodontist was so pleasant and kind. She made sure I was aware of process and told me raise my hand if any pain occurred . I felt very comfortable and safe in her capable hands. I am very glad I joined this family dentistry.

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