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Dr. Daniel Shin



Dr. Daniel Shin

Dr. Shin is a board-certified orthodontist with decades of experience in providing patients with compassionate care. Dr. Shin served in the Army Dental Corps and spent time in a successful private practice in Maryland before joining Hawaii Family Dental. He is proud to work with patients of all ages and is humbled by the opportunity to care for you and your family.

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Dr. Daniel Shin

  • Trusted by over 136 families
  • Invisalign certified
  • Member of Maui’s Oral Health Task Force

Patient Testimonials

Greg B. Avatar
Greg B.
9/02/2020 - Google

I'm not the easiest of clients. I have such a fear/phobia of needles or anything looking like a needle (dental tools). But, without fail, every cleaning I go to, especially these last few years, has been done such care and gentleness, I look up at my RDH and have asked "That's it?" I mean, I don't want pain, but something in my childhood has me convinced I will feel pain when I sit in the dental chair. Much aloha to the whole team over here.

Jim P. Avatar
Jim P.
8/25/2020 - Google

Quality care with lots of patient empathy. I am treated so well that I actually look forward to appointments here.

Lisa I. Avatar
Lisa I.
8/14/2020 - Google

My daughter went in twice in 2 weeks to have work done on both sides of her mouth. She is not a fan of the doctors or dentist. But I must say she came out the first time better than I could’ve imagined. The second time was a bit harder. But overall she had the best experience that a mom could’ve wanted for their child. The work is all done and she is just a happier child. Thank you to doctor Westphal and the staff at Mililani Hawaii Family Dental Center for the care and services you provide!

David J. Avatar
David J.
8/14/2020 - Google

Amazing experience! Very clean and professional office. I'm a fan of the Pearl ridge medical building as it always has parking and never crowded. The office was clean and the dentist chair was very comfortable, it felt like laying in a leather lazy boy. The view from the chair out looking over the mall was very relaxing. Then the staff comes in and blows you away with the attention to detail and TLC. Highly recommended! I wish they did more simple procedures as I would be there for everything else.

Faith W. Avatar
Faith W.
7/29/2020 - Google

My husband and I have been going to Hawaii Family for about 6-7 years. We’ve always gotten great service really friendly and fun staff. The Dentist have changed from time to time but have always been really great. I love my hygienist Lin. I wanted to comment on my husbands experience this past week. He complained of a toothache, I called Hawaii Family that day, they got him in the next morning. He ended up needing a root canal which they also did that same day. It was a tough tooth and after two and a half hours, she was only able to get 2 of the 4 roots and had to reschedule him. But pain was gone and they kept telling him he was going to be sore. No soreness, in fact he feels GREAT! Another reason we keep going back!!! Nothing but good experiences with Hawaii Family Dental!!!!

Christopher K. Avatar
Christopher K.
7/22/2020 - Google

I had a great post Covid-19 appointment. Clean and safe. I'd recommend this office always..

sherrie k. Avatar
sherrie k.
7/11/2020 - Google

The staff is friendly with everyone! They do their best in making you comfortable & treat you well. They get you in & out within a reasonable time. Because it’s at Windward Mall , it’s in a safe environment & got a lot of parking!

Frank L. Avatar
Frank L.
7/04/2020 - Google

As always, Hawaii Family Dental Mililani did a stellar job, from check in with Sky, to my appointment with Dr. Hur, to meticulous dental cleaning with Nani and check out with Leonie. The protocol they have set up to ensure safety and hygienic conditions in accordance with CDC and ADA guidelines were impressive and one of the best I've seen in all the public spaces I've gone to. You enter from the front door and leave by the back door, never crossing path with those coming and going. Absolutely no need to be of concern in coming in. They spray everything down between patients. Protective gear is being used by all personnel.

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