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COVID-19 Safety Update and Reopening | Hawaii Family Dental

COVID-19 Safety Update and Reopening

COVID cleaning

Cleaning, Hygiene & Safety Standards

We’ve always been committed to the highest safety standards — and now, deep cleaning has taken on a whole new meaning:

  • We’re closely following guidance from the American Dental Association (ADA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE). All care team members must wear PPE such as masks when working with patients, whether they are at the front desk or in a treatment room.
  • In treatment rooms, equipment is sterilized and all surfaces are cleaned between each patient.
  • Surfaces in waiting rooms and common areas are cleaned hourly to keep high-touch surfaces clean.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the office.

Symptom Screenings

We’re requiring wellness checks for care teams and patients alike:

  • Before seeing patients, staff are checked daily for signs or symptoms of illness, including mandatory temperature checks.
  • Staff who show any signs or symptoms of a cold, seasonal flu, or COVID-19 must stay home until they have been cleared by their healthcare provider.
  • We are screening all patients before starting care to assess their COVID-19 risk, including temperature checks and symptom screening.
  • Patients who are not feeling well are asked to reschedule appointments before coming to the office.
Social Distancing

Social Distancing

In times like these, a little distance goes a long way:

  • We ask patients to arrive on time, not early, to minimize time spent in the office.
  • Patients will be moved quickly into their treatment room upon arrival. If a wait is required, patients are asked to wear a mask and wait outside the office, preferably in the car, before an appointment. We’ll text when we’re ready to see you. If that isn’t possible, a patient may wait in the waiting room only when it’s possible to remain seated six feet apart.
  • Only those scheduled for care should be in the office. Family and friends of the patients are asked to wait outside the office unless the patient requires personal assistance during their visit.

Smarter Scheduling

We’ve adjusted our operations to keep patients and care teams safe:

  • We’re staggering appointment times to limit the number of people arriving to the office at any given time.
  • We encourage patients to complete their paperwork online in advance of their appointment to minimize paper in the office.
  • We've minimized the amount of touch points during our check-in and check-out processes.

Patient Testimonials

Ashley P. Avatar
Ashley P.
1/16/2021 - Google

Saw DR. C. Wu, who is awesome! Even though it had been a few months since I first saw him and this was my second time he remembered me and my condition I came in for. Dr. Wu is very courteous and so is the office staff. I know working in a dentist office during Covid is scary and I appreciate them so very much.

Jennifer T. Avatar
Jennifer T.
12/29/2020 - Google

I needed to get some unexpected immediate work done on my teeth and had a time constraint. Luckily, the amazing receptionists were able to squeeze me in later that day miraculously! Not only that, Dr. Hall did amazing work on my teeth. When I thanked him for taking me in, he actually thanked ME for coming to them and being their patient! He was also very empathetic of my situation and truly did magic! They always do amazing work, welcome each patient with the warmest Aloha, and are so pleasant to see keeping the most sanitary and up to date covid protocols. Thank you so much again Dr. Hall and to your amazing receptionist magic makers for getting me in!! Truly thankful and appreciative of each of you! Never have I felt this level of service at a dental office. Keep up the excellent work! Thank YOU!!

Michael M. Avatar
Michael M.
12/18/2020 - Google

Fast, efficient, friendly service. I was able to be seen the next day and had an exam and xray. A few days later, my chipped tooth was worked on and fitted with a temp crown by Dr. Apala and his assistant.
I am impressed with their capacity for scheduling patients, and after my experience, I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Apala's work. I will be back to have my future work done there.
3 weeks later, the permanent crown fitted perfectly. Without dental insurance their Hoala Plan discount really helps; well worth the price. Mahalo Lihue HFD and Dr. Apala!

Mike G. Avatar
Mike G.
12/12/2020 - Google

I started as a patient at Dr. Tiffani Dunn's office who relocated back to the Big island. However I established excellent patient relationships with the whole office and didn't bother looking for a new dentist. Due to Covid as many other companies Dr. Dunn's old office relocated under the same facility as Hawaii Family Dental and even though the major work was with Tiffani, I have very much appreciated the service and dental care I've received. I absolutely enjoy my hygienist, she's from New York and has a great personality and provides fantastic service and it's always a bonus to see Chelsea during billing and double bonus when Rebecca knows you by voice. All wonderful, highly recommend Hawaii Family Dental!! Clean, professional and upscale!

Michael M. Avatar
Michael M.
11/26/2020 - Google

Fast, efficient, friendly service. I was able to be seen the next day and had an exam and xray. A few days later, my chipped tooth was worked on and fitted with a temp crown by Dr. Apala and his assistant.I am impressed with the capacity for scheduling patients, and after my experience, I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Apala's work. I will be back to have my future work done there.

Shary C. Avatar
Shary C.
10/29/2020 - Google

Very well organized in a time of uncertainty for safety. Friendly and efficient. High quality tools and staff. Another wonderfully supportive staff on 10/27/20, to start the process for a new crown. Efficient, high quality...painless..even the next day!!

Cassius G. Avatar
Cassius G.
10/12/2020 - Google

Went here as soon as I found out they made a dentist closer to my home. And my god was the service phenomenal. Staff was very helpful and patient with me. The service was a blessing compared to the other hawaii family dental. The assistants were very keen and quick to help. They were doing an amazing job stopping the spread of Covid-19 with a temp check when you walk through the door. The store is very conveniently placed for everyone and there isn't too much waiting time to get in. The staff made me feel at home, providing all my needs as soon as I stepped through the doors. The assistants did a fantastic job helping me get set up for my dentist. I'm very adamant on my next visit here if the staff is anything like they were on my first time here!

Michael C. Avatar
Michael C.
10/07/2020 - Google

What a great location and caring staff. The covid protocol is top notch and the facility is state of the art. The best part is going to lunch at one of the many locations at the mall. By far the best dental office I have found so I am staying with the Hawaii Family Dental offices.

MG P. Avatar
9/23/2020 - Google

They ensured COVID19 safety throughout the appointment, and the dentalcleaning was done, professionally and accurately! Very friendly and helpful staff!

Vaughn C. Avatar
Vaughn C.
9/14/2020 - Google

From start to finish, Bright Smiles Honolulu was awesome! I felt comfortable knowing that safety protocol was in place as I was enthusiastically greeted by Chelsie at the front door and had my temperature taken. Anesthetics were applied with no issues, and the dental work I came for was completed without a hitch. Dr. Taira and her dental assistant Shar, worked together in complete harmony - saying very little to each other but moving and working as one almost as though they could read each other's minds! The results were much more than I expected, and will allow me to enjoy eating again! Absolutely the cherry on top was 70's/80's music being played in the office - something I can absolutely relate to! Mahalo to Bright Smiles Honolulu for excellent work and for outstanding and caring dental service!

Mary W. Avatar
Mary W.
9/14/2020 - Google

Have great procedures in place to make you feel safe through this COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone was kind and professional.Amazing Dentists!!

Tavoi F. Avatar
Tavoi F.
9/14/2020 - Google

The folks here are always welcoming and friendly.They take safety seriously by having forms for you to fill out before entering and temperature checks. Keep up the good job!

mzkidtemp Avatar
9/14/2020 - Google

Great customer service. Front office greeted us as we arrived and made us feel welcomed! Girls up front take on a lot having to not only to check in patients but to deal with explaining cost for dental work whether it be good or bad. Give you guys LOTs if credit. I was not made to feel bad that I could not afford something that was offered to me. Even after all their hard work to help me on costs. I truly appreciated the help.I was so nervous to do this procedure going in. The specialist and his assistant had such calming voices that it eased everything I was feeling. They talked to me and told everything that was happening and what they were doing. So, nothing was a surprise.Thank you! We look forward to our daughters braces coming up soon.

Victoria C. Avatar
Victoria C.
9/14/2020 - Google

Despite my tremendous anxiety about all things medical and dental and the complications of Covid-19, this place was a pleasant surprise.The staff that treated me: Adrianna the dental assistant, Dr Rizyk the dentist, Tara the super hygienist and Asia who dealt with insurance and payment were all extremely professional and warm - an unbeatable combo.I will be back for sure!

Susan D. Avatar
Susan D.
9/14/2020 - Google

I love Dr. Edgar, who has extracted many of my teeth. He's always done a great job. However, as far as I can tell, it is not a policy of HFDC to covid test their employees at all. I think they should be tested weekly or even more often as Dr. Edgar sees about 12 patients/day and travels from Oahu to all the outer islands weekly. They do temperature test daily but as we now now only about 30% of covid patients, with or w/o symptoms, get fevers.

Umesh D. Avatar
Umesh D.
9/14/2020 - Google

Dr. Gill and her staff has worked on four implants over past couple of years for me. I am very happy with the results so far, first two complete with crowns by Dr. Brian and I am happy with it. I was concerned with my recent visit for the healing crowns with Dr. Gill due to pandemic but I was relieved to see extra care, checking temp and questioning before entry to the office and their PPE practice.

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