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Soft Drinks
Added sugar is bad because it has been associated with weight gain, diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases. It is also not good for the teeth as it can trigger the proliferation of cavities and lead to oral-related problems like gum disease and tooth loss. However, a glass of ice-cold soft
Health is wealth. We know this, that’s why we always find ways to keep ourselves in best shape and condition. The United States saw 57.25 million fitness center memberships in 2016, which had steadily increased over the past ten years. Also, 70 percent of 46 million American smokers have expressed
open mouth
How Does A Tooth Decay Start? We brush our teeth, floss them, and finish off by rinsing with mouthwash every day. Why? Because we want to keep our teeth and prevent any damage that can make us lose even just one tooth. The best means of safeguarding the health of
Food is essential in keeping our overall health in check. It is the “source of information” of our body and the key to its right functioning. But, it is not enough that we eat. We must ingest the right food to sustain our body with the proper nourishment. When we
Hawaii Family Dental continues to tap on people’s consciousness on the importance of proper and diligent oral hygiene, fluoride treatment, and dental visits to reduce the prevalence of cavities that have been plaguing Hawaii’s keiki. According to the oral health report of the State Health Department in 2016, 71 percent
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