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Dental Sealants And Their Benefits To Your Teeth | Hawaii Family Dental

Written by Danica Lacson on September 27, 2018

What are dental sealants?

Sealants are plastic protective coats “painted” over the permanent molars in order to prevent cavities from developing. These pain-free, easy-to-put-on coatings are applied by a dentist once the molars are at full maturity. With sealants, a child’s chances of developing cavities are less than half, making them vital for one’s oral health.

What do Dental Sealants do to my Child's Teeth?

Since sealants can be placed on the molars right after development, they can provide a huge amount of protection for children’s teeth. These are especially great for children who are more prone to developing cavities, especially those who have dealt with cavities previously.

Even in for those who had a cavity in the past three years are recommended dental sealants. Unfortunately, more than half of children who are more prone to cavity development do not have sealants. As you can see, this can be quite problematic for the future oral health of these children.

Children who have poor oral hygiene habits, specific genetics, a family history of cavity development, and those with a diet filled with a lot of sugar are all especially likely to develop cavities before leaving elementary school.

These are children who would benefit the most from dental sealants. Even for children who have fairly good oral hygiene habits and a healthy, nutritious diet would benefit very well from sealants.

It’s important to note that children ages 6 to 14 are the most prone to cavity development. While adults can also benefit from sealants, children are especially in need of dental sealants.

Should I get dental sealants for my child?

As a parent, one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make is deciding whether or not a specific procedure, for example, would benefit the health of your child in the short and long run.

When it comes to dental sealants, it’s safe to say that the protection provided by this special coating is sure to do its job for your child’s teeth. However, sealants are not required but heavily recommended for children of all types of oral standings.

It’s important to remember that certain children are more prone to cavity development. If this is your child, strongly consider sealants.

When deciding whether or not your child should receive a sealant application, you should also ask yourself if your child’s oral standing is important to you enough to consider sealants. Otherwise, you may be taking your child to the dentist in the near future for a cavity drilling and filling.

The best thing about getting dental sealants for your child is that with many dental plans, as much as 100 percent of the cost is covered. Even disregarding the cost, keep in mind that sealants are quite necessary for a child’s proper oral standing and are long-lasting. With this in mind, making the decision to have a sealant application for your child becomes easier than ever before

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

Fortunately, sealants can last up to ten years before requiring a replacement application. Because sealants can become cracked or chipped over time, it’s important to keep up with regular dental checkups/cleanings to ensure the sealants are in top notch condition and are still capable of maintaining their defensive duty.

Disclaimer: The oral health information published on this web page is solely intended for educational purposes. Hawaii Family Dental strongly recommends to always consult licensed dentists or other qualified health care professionals for any questions concerning your oral health.


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