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Thank you for your trust and confidence in caring for your oral health.

This Policy is meant to help you know what information we collect, why we manage it, when it may be shared with others, and how we uphold its confidentiality and security.

This Policy applies to all users of Hawaii Family Dental’s website (“Website”) — — including Online Appointment, Chat Support Representative, and Job Application. It is also relevant to all those who provide their personal information during an offline transaction at Hawaii Family Dental offices and any online sites operated by Hawaii Family Dental.

Hawaii Family Dental reserves the right to modify, amend, and vary this Policy at any time and will notify users as required by law by indicating the latest date of revision at the end of the Policy.

Before you use our Website and other services, please carefully review this Policy and our Terms of Use. Only submit personal information and use our Website and other services if you are willing to conform to this Policy and our Terms of Use.

Information Collection

Hawaii Family Dental acknowledges the importance and sensitivity of your personal information. We collect your information directly from you, from our Web server logs, and through cookies and other technologies.

Here are the forms of personal information we collect:

  • Personally Identifiable Information such as Name, Sex, Date of Birth;
  • Contact Information such as Home Address, E-mail Address, Phone Numbers, Emergency Contact;
  • Insurance Information such as Insurance Name, Insurance Phone Number, Employer’s Name, Subscriber/Policy Holder’s Name and Address;
  • Health Information such as health issues and medical records relevant to your appointment and treatment including allergies, medical alerts, medical history;
  • Information related to Job Application such as a resume.

When you log on to our Website, we may collect and use information about your location. This collected information may be used to provide you with location-based services such as dental office location. You may refuse to share your personal information with us and disable location services at any time.


Our Website employs cookies and similar technologies to store and honor your preferences and settings. Cookies are small text files downloaded to your device when you visit our Website to store your data. We do not trace you across the Internet. We only use the cookies to track your interactions within Hawaii Family Dental’s network. If you wish, you may set your browser to block it from accepting cookies. Please navigate through your browser settings to disable cookies.

To provide our services, we use third-party services like Google Analytics which may place their cookies in your browser. Please note that this Policy only encompasses the use of cookies by Hawaii Family Dental only and not the use of cookies by third parties.

Uses and Disclosures of Health Information

We generally use your personal information for treatment, payment, and health care operations, e.g., setting up a dental appointment, dental examination, prescription of medicines, referrals, dental care plans, preparation and sending of bills or claims, and for administrative and managerial functions.

Regarding employment scenario, the information collected is used to compare against the job specification, criteria, and intention to employ.

Appointment Reminders

Hawaii Family Dental may use your personal information to send reminders for your scheduled dental appointments and to help you set a schedule for your routine appointment in case you missed it. We may also call or mail you using the information collected for other treatments and services available at Hawaii Family Dental that may be essential for your oral care.

Other than Hawaii Family Dental’s use of your personal information for treatment, payment, health care operations, and other reasons stipulated in this Policy, we will not share or disclose your personal information to any third party for any intention without your written consent.

Disclosure for Other Reasons Without Authorization

When the law allows or requires, your personal information may be disclosed without your consent. The law may mandate the disclosure of your personal information to government bodies, authorities, or third parties under a subpoena or other legal process for the following reasons:

  • Public Health reasons such as reporting of infectious disease;
  • Suspected violence, neglect, or domestic abuse as required by government authorities;
  • Health oversight activities such as licensing of dentists;
  • Medicare and Medicaid audits;
  • Investigation of possible health care violations;
  • Victim of crime;
  • Identify a deceased person or to establish the cause of death;
  • Organ or tissue donations;
  • Health-related research;
  • Specialized government function such as to safeguard the president or high-ranking government officials;
  • Lawful national intelligence activities and military purposes.

Moreover, Hawaii Family Dental may share relevant information about your dental care, unless you tell us otherwise, with your family or friends who are aiding you with your treatment.

Patient Rights

As a patient, you are endowed with rights regarding your health information. Your rights include:

  • Restrict the use and disclosures of your personal information. You can control the extent of the use and disclosure of your personal information for purposes of treatment (except emergency treatment), payment, or health care operations. However, we are not obliged to comply with your restrictions.
  • In the circumstance when the agreement between Hawaii Family Dental and you was made, we will honor the limits. To request a restriction, a written request is needed. Send the request letter to the contact details listed on this Website.
  • Access to your personal information. You can secure copies of your information in photocopies or a requested format. However, a request in the form of writing must be made to access your information at a cost-based fee. You may contact Hawaii Family Dental through the contact details listed on this Website.
  • Amend your information. You can ask us, through writing, to modify or change the information we have collected from you. In your written request, the reason behind the requested amendment must be stated. Please note that your request can be denied under certain circumstances.
  • Receive an accounting of disclosures made. You are entitled to receive the list of instances when our associates or we have released your personal information for purposes other than treatment, payment, and health care operations for the past six years.
  • The list will exclude disclosures made for purposes of treatment, payment, and health care operations, authorized disclosures, incidental disclosures, those required by law, and other limited disclosures.
  • You can get a list once a year without charge. An affordable cost-based fee will be charged for a subsequent request for the list within a year. For the record, you can send a written request to the contact details listed on this Website.
  • Alternative communication. You can request your health information through alternative means and to an alternative location such as mailing the information to a different address, phoning you at work instead, using another e-mail address. You can request the alternative communication method in writing which you can send to the contact details listed on this Website.
  • Additional paper copies of this Policy. Upon request, additional paper copies of this Policy can be issued to you. If you want another paper copy, please send us a request through the contact details on this Website.

Questions and Complaints

If you want more information or have queries and concerns about our Policy, you may contact us at the contact details on this Website.

Moreover, if you deem that we have disrespected or violated your privacy rights and other complaints, you may communicate through the contact details on this Website. You may also submit a formal written complaint to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Last updated: 29 May 2018

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