The Importance of Having a Proper Bite

Your bite, the alignment of your teeth and jaw, is essential for many reasons.

Not only does your bite assist you with eating and speaking properly. It also provides many benefits that can get with a misaligned bite.

Why is my bite so important?

An aligned condition of your bite is vital for many reasons as it prevents many problems.

Having a misaligned bite can cause a variety of different issues in the mouth:

Misaligned bites can cause headaches for many.

Causing strain on the jaw joints, neck, and head area due to a bite misalignment can certainly cause frequent headaches. However, an aligned jaw releases this strain and pressure, thus relieving headaches.

Your teeth will wear unevenly.

Misaligned teeth slip and slide against one another when eating and speaking. The friction resulting from this at unnatural angles can lead to uneven wear of the teeth over time. With severely worn teeth comes difficulty in proper eating and a visually affected smile.

It can lead to broken and cracked teeth.

Speaking and eating with an improper bite and having the teeth scrape against one another in a way that is not normal can increase the risk of broken or cracked teeth. Dealing with these instances is not only painful, but they’re also going to cost money to get professionally fixed, requiring an emergency dental appointment.

Teeth clenching is a common problem.

Clenching teeth while sleeping can increase headaches, difficulty sleeping, cracked or broken teeth, general oral pain, and wearing of the teeth over time.

How can I fix my misaligned bite?

Fixing misaligned bites is vital for optimal oral health. Thankfully with modern orthodontics, one can receive a proper bite, often through thanks to braces.

The right alignment is often one of the main reasons dental professionals recommend braces to begin with, to help patients reduce the risk of many oral-related problems caused by a misalignment of the teeth and jaw. Besides realignment through braces, dental professionals may also suggest tooth reshapingdental crowns, or other oral appliances to correct a bite problem.

Overall, one must put alignment procedures into consideration. Eating, speaking, and smiling will all benefit from realignment treatments.

In addition to these, one can be sure to suffer from less oral-related problems due to a misaligned jaw, thus saving plenty on future dental expenses and preventing plenty of pain in the form of headaches, a strain on the jaw, and general oral pain. Sure,  realignment procedures such as braces may be costly, but these are cheaper than paying the price for chipped, cracked, or worn down teeth.

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