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Dental Emergency: Cases, Handling & Prevention | Hawaii Family Dental

If your tooth has been damaged, don't wait! Often, your tooth can be saved if you act quickly. Our dentists will get you out of pain before it gets worse.

Tooth Injuries

  1. If an adult tooth gets knocked off: You're tooth may be able to be saved. Find the tooth, don’t hold it by the roots, and rinse it with some milk (not water). Try to reinsert the tooth into the socket. If this is not possible, keep the tooth in milk and go to the nearest dental office as soon as possible.  
  2. If a baby tooth gets knocked off: Although permanent teeth will eventually replace baby teeth, baby teeth are important placeholders for your permanent teeth so crowding doesn't occur. If a baby tooth gets knocked out, bring your child to the nearest pediatric dentist as soon as possible. They will assess the damage and may recommend a space maintainer to prevent crowding. 

Gum Injuries

  1. Cuts on gums: Gum injuries can be traumatic, especially for young children. If this happens to your child, try to calm them as much as possible. Some kids might be frightened by the amount of blood coming, often, it's because of saliva. Rinse their mouth with cold water gently to clean out the area. Then, with clean hands, take a closer look at the cut. If it's a minor cut, keep the area clean with a therapeutic mouthwash. Minor cuts usually go away on their own. 
  2. Deep cuts from a foreign object: If the wound is larger, go to an emergency dentist or hospital.

How to prevent A Dental Emergency?

Just like how most dental problems are preventable, there are also ways to prevent dental emergencies such as wearing protective gear, avoiding biting and chewing hard objects, and skipping your dental appointments.

If your child plays contact sports, wear protective gear to shield you away and reduce the chances of damaging your mouth or its supporting structures. Different types of mouth guards are available in the market. You can buy the commercially sold boil-and-bite mouth protector in most sporting goods store. However, they are restricted regarding fit adjustment that custom-fitted mouthpieces are recommended for optimum comfort and protection.

Some people have the habit of utilizing their teeth as a utility tool to open a bag of chips, break off a clothing tag, or unscrew bottle tops. Doing these may cause fracture and cracks in the teeth.

Among all preventive tips, visiting your dentist remains on the top spot. Routine checkups are essential to our oral health. Through them, early detection of possible issues is done. These will save you from costly dental procedures and unwarranted pain.


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