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4 Tips On How To Have Healthy Teeth While Traveling

When you are out traveling, bringing too much can be inconvenient. Although we want to have everything ready, we want to save ourselves from the hassle of heavy baggage.

Still, even though we are away from home and has less stuff, it is imperative to include in our travel necessities tools in keeping our oral health in check wherever we go.

Why is brushing important?

We have practiced brushing as early as we could speak. Our parents have always called us out when we miss a session of brushing. But many continue to disregard the simple act of cleaning our teeth.

A day without brushing can cause more problems than you expect. When you don’t brush, you give bacteria more time to feed on unwanted particles, form a bacterial film called plaque, and attack the enamel. This attack on the enamel can weaken the teeth and cause dental problems.

What can I do to keep my teeth healthy away from home?

Maintaining a dental care regimen while on the road is possible and straightforward especially if you have the necessary tools to do so.

#1 Pack the needed tools to clean your teeth first above anything else.

The number one priority when it comes to packing oral care necessities is a toothbrush. You can bring your toothbrush along with you or secure a small toothbrush like a foldable one before going on a trip. With a small toothbrush, you can save space.

Because stores in the place you are going may not sell toothbrushes, it is essential to already have one with you. And although most hotels provide toothbrushes, this may still depend on the place you are staying.

Sharing a toothbrush is also a no-no. When you share a toothbrush, the tendency to also share the bacteria in it is very likely which will only counter the intended benefit of the toothbrush.

Toothpaste is also available in travel sizes. Like toothbrushes, having toothpaste with you will save you from the hassle of looking around for one.

#2 Eat tooth-friendly snacks

Aside from having oral hygiene devices, being wary of what goes in your mouth is also a way of caring for your mouth. Even while away on a trip and enjoying good food is tempting, make sure to eat the right food. Enjoy less sugary, starchy, and hard food.

While on the road and you feel like grabbing chips, opt for nuts or cheese which are better for your teeth as they can stimulate saliva. On the other hand, chips can get stuck between your teeth.

#3 Go sugarless with your chewing gum

If water and food are unavailable, you can chew sugarless gum to at least keep your mouth fresh and moist. Saliva is essential in maintaining oral health as it helps combat bacteria.

#4 Drink water, water, water, and water.

Drinking water is also a way to keep your teeth clean while on a trip. After a meal, drink a glass of water to wash away food particles hiding in your mouth. With the help of water, food particles and plaque will be less likely to accumulate and linger inside your mouth.

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