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A good percentage of the population are reluctant to smile. But with teeth professionally cleaned and some whitening gel, you too can smile fearlessly.

5 Ways to Smile Fearlessly

A good percentage of the population are reluctant to smile. But with teeth professionally cleaned and some whitening gel, you too can smile fearlessly.

Smiling seems like an instinctual thing. You smile when you’re happy, amused, or when you want to laugh. Most of us must have smiled genuinely at least once in our lives. But it can take a lot for someone to smile fearlessly. In a world where 33% of young adults are too afraid to smile, how to smile fearlessly might seem like a bit of a stretch.

This reluctance to smile fearlessly often stems from oral hygiene problems. Among the 33%, a good portion of this demographic is afflicted with untreated tooth decay and other dental problems. Aside from the physical pain that comes with teeth and mouth problems, there’s the shame that comes with unsightly teeth. 

This doesn’t have to be the case. A lack of smiling has been linked to other problems, such as negative public perception and a decreased social life. Everyone then deserves the chance to smile fearlessly and smile often, if only for the benefits of smiling.

How, then, can you smile fearlessly? Here are 5 ways:

  1. Get to the root of the problem

    If poor oral health is what keeps you from smiling, getting the dental treatment you need is one big step to a fearless smile. Instead of ruminating on all the ways your teeth look wrong and “ugly,” it might be best to get your teeth professionally checked by a dentist. For that first dental visit, you and your dentist can work hand-in-hand to see what you can do to give you a bright smile you deserve—whether that means getting braces or working on your tooth decay problem.

  2. Get your teeth professionally cleaned

    There’s nothing quite like a good dental cleaning. Aside from the liberating feeling you get from a plaque-free smile, there’s also a sense of increased well-being. A clean smile is a bright smile, after all. And you also get the added benefit of scrubbing off any plaque build-up that could cause any oral hygiene problems. It’s always a little easier to smile fearlessly when you’ve got a clean mouth to prove it. 

  3. Use a bit of whitening gel

    While it’s enough in most cases, sometimes you’d want to go beyond braces and dental cleaning. If your teeth are healthy enough, you might also consider getting your teeth professionally whitened as well. With teeth so clean and pearly white, it would be hard to keep your smile to yourself. Feel free to use a bit of whitening gel if you can.

  4. Eat a safe diet for your teeth

    Good oral hygiene is half the battle when it comes to achieving that fearless smile. You also want to make sure your teeth and body have the fuel for it. Eating a diet of tooth-healthy food is one surefire way to ensure those pearly whites keep their sheen. Because your saliva provides the minerals your tooth enamel needs, eating food rich in those minerals helps give your saliva and teeth the boost they need.

  5. Let go of expectations

    Finally, if you want to smile fearlessly, you need to adopt a fearless mindset. Every smile is unique and may require different ways to show their shine. And for the most part, your bright smile might not conform to the picture-perfect teeth you see on TV or the billboards. So let your expectations go. Brush your teeth, use a bit of whitening gel. Sometimes, all it takes is some self-love to give your smile the courage it needs. 

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