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7 Ways To Celebrate World Smile Day

Celebrated the first Friday of October each year, World Smile Day aims to publicize the beauty of a smile and glorify good oral health.

It may seem like a simple annual day of observance. However, World Smile Day can absolutely be celebrated as any other holiday.

Here’s how you can celebrate World Smile Day:

Get active on social media

Post an image of a smiley face, or post a status update about your appreciation for good oral health and beautiful smiles. Use #worldsmileday, and tag the friends you think have the most beautiful smiles.

Post a selfie of you smiling with your pearly whites to show all your social media friends what World Smile Day really is about! Repost oral health-related articles to inform your friends why they should ensure their oral health is at its peak at all times.

Take selfies with smiley masks

Get with a group of good friends, and make your own silly smiley masks to take selfies with!

Not fond of the idea for yourself? Do this activity with children – They’ll love creating their own smiley masks and will get a good giggle out of it after taking selfies.

Tell someone you admire their smile

Whether you’re at work, at school, or simply taking a trip to the grocery store, telling someone you love their smile is bound to bring them more smiles throughout the day. This person can be an acquaintance, a friend, a family member, or even just a stranger. A quick text even works too!

Print and color smiley coloring pages

Print out some fun smiley coloring pages from the Internet, and take a moment to relax and color. More detailed adult coloring pages can also be found online. It’s a great excuse to wind down and focus on something calm and creative. The kiddos are sure to enjoy a good coloring session too!

Care for your pet’s teeth

World Smile Day isn’t complete without a healthy set of doggie teeth! Brush your pet’s teeth, purchase dental or breath treats for your pet, or buy them dental toys to show that you admire their set of pearly whites just as much as your own. Remember, our pets are still susceptible to the same oral-related diseases we are, and they still deserve good oral health.

Opt for smiley-shaped foods or meals

Even if you’re a full-grown adult, nothing’s more fun than creating a food masterpiece. Pancakes with smiles or even meals shaped like smiley faces are all great for World Smile day. This is especially great for the kids or generally for the whole family. For snack time, create a smile with carrots or celery sticks, and for the eyes, opt for black olives. Yum! A simple and healthy yet fun way to celebrate this once-a-year event.

And best of all…smile!

You can’t forget the most important component of World Smile Day: smiling! Smiling can help alleviate stress and bad moods, not just for you, but for those around you. Smile at strangers, and smile at those who could use an uplift in their mood. Your smile is sure to rub off on them!

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