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Protect Your Teeth This Summer

There’s no doubt that upkeeping our dental routine is a must.

However, summertime poses a particular time for dental health issues, believe it or not.

With the warmer air, cold beverages, and summer activities heading your way, you’ll want to take the time to protect your pearly whites.

Protecting your oral health this summer consists of:

Opting for SPF chapstick for your lips

Did you know that damaged lips from the sun can lead to oral cancer in the future? It’s true. Our lips are just one area that needs protection from harmful sun rays.

For this reason, SPF chapstick to protect your lips is a must, just as you would apply sunscreen the rest of your body before heading out on a summer day.

Drinking plenty of water

Not only is water essential to hydrate our bodies, especially in the high heat of summer, but it’s also necessary for our teeth.

Water keeps our mouth moist, reducing the chances of dry mouth while also helping us maintain fresher breath as it helps wash away oral bacteria and food particles leftover in the mouth. In turn, this increases one’s oral health and reduces oral health risks from cavities to gum disease.

Being mindful of the beverages and foods you consume

Summer is a time of many parties and get-togethers. This means lots of snacks, desserts, alcoholic beverages, and cold drinks.

It’s important to keep the consumption of harmful foods and drinks in moderation to maintain proper oral health. Keep in mind that alcoholic beverages, sugary foods and drinks, and acidic products can be damaging to the teeth if consumed in excess, damaging the pH and increasing risks of various oral health ailments.

Additionally, play it safe with cold drinks if you have tooth sensitivity or recently had teeth whitening done. Drinking through a straw is a great option when it comes to colder beverages.

Protecting your teeth from swimming pools (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Pools with high chlorine content can damage the teeth by eroding the tooth enamel and exposing the teeth to oral-related severe problems.

Be sure to keep your mouth closed while swimming, something some swimmers still fail to do.

Opting for a mouthguard for sports and other activities

Summer is a great time for sports and other activities. However, with sports comes potential damage to teeth, which is why many sports require athletes to opt for mouthguards for protection against damage to the teeth. Damage to the jaw may also occur without support from a mouthguard.

Dental professionals can professionally create mouthguards, or you can purchase one at a local convenience store.

Upkeeping your oral health

Last but not least, keeping your oral health where it needs to be is vital during summer. The days are long. We are busy. We also often travel, forgetting to care for our teeth.

Make a wise option to care for your teeth the same all year round, especially after attending summer parties and events. It only takes two minutes to brush, a minute or so to floss, and about a half hour to attend a dental visit.

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