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Teeth Reshaping | Hawaii Family Dental

Do you have a small chip on your tooth or an irregular tooth shape? Teeth recontouring or reshaping may help.

Also known as odontoplasty, tooth reshaping is a quick and painless procedure that improves the tooth's appearance. The procedure involves the removal of small amounts of the tooth enamel to alter a tooth's length, shape, or surface. Specifically, recontouring or reshaping is ideal for those with long, uneven, or jagged-edged teeth.

During your initial exam, your dentist will check the size and location of the tooth's pulp. A determination will be made if you're a good candidate. Generally, a dentist may require you to have a sufficient enamel layer and proper distance from your tooth's pulp to the surface.

Using a special sanding disc or diamond bur, a dentist will remove small bits of the tooth's enamel. Sandpaper may be used to reach the imperfections between teeth and to shape and smooth the sides. Lastly, your dentist will polish the tooth. An anesthetic is not usually necessary in tooth reshaping since it does not affect the tooth's pulp.

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