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Dr. Nadiene Wu

Dr. Nadiene Wu

Pediatric Dentist Dr. Nadiene Wu

Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Nadiene Wu

Dr. Nadiene Wu takes great pride in caring for tiny teeth. She considers every child who leaves the office healthy and happy a success, whether the appointment was for a cleaning or a wiggly tooth.

Dr. Wu has created a kid-focused team in a fun, safe environment. As a new mom, Dr. Wu treats every child like she would her son and looks forward to helping build habits for a lifetime of good health.

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Our First Commercial!

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Why Choose

Dr. Nadiene Wu

  • Pediatric dentist specializing in tiny teeth
  • Convenient weekend appointments
  • Born and raised in Mililani

Patient Testimonials

Bernie S. Avatar
Bernie S.
9/12/2023 - Google
Cheryl is the most professional, knowledgeable, and of course gentle dental hygienist I’ve ever had. I would never go to another dental hygienist as long as she is available.
Keora R. Avatar
Keora R.
8/11/2023 - Google
Jamie Kon did an awesome job. My amalgam filling fell out at 8 months pregnant. I was very worried not wanting to do x rays or any thing that could put my baby at harm. I was able to ask questions, and not feel bad for asking them. The... read more
Laura W. Avatar
Laura W.
3/22/2023 - Google
Kind and knowledgeable staff. I’ve been seeing Dr. Evan Kopecki for my dental fillings and he is a young but passionate dentists who did a great job on my teeth.
Vicente S. Avatar
Vicente S.
3/22/2023 - Google
HFD- Mililani is a excellent establishment with friendly staff who treats you “Aloha “ from the time you enter the front door to the time your procedure is done. I enjoy working with my dentist, he’s very knowledgeable about his profession. I would highly recommend HFD Mililani to my family... read more
Victoria O. Avatar
Victoria O.
3/22/2023 - Google
I had a great experience at the Hawaii Family Dental at the Mililani Town Center. The hygienist was fast and gentle on my teeth. The dentist was great! He helped solved a sensitivity issue I was having very quickly and I was out the door. Thank you Hawaii Family Dental... read more
John M. Avatar
John M.
3/08/2023 - Google
Sky is always friendliest person when i go their. She is the highlight of the visit ,who like to go to the dentist lol. Also me hygienist is the best so painless .
Charlene V. Avatar
Charlene V.
2/28/2023 - Google
I have a fear of dentist but everyone here makes you feel so comfortable I have been able to have cleaning 3 times a year.
Carroll S. Avatar
Carroll S.
2/28/2023 - Google
Had my six month checkup today and as always from reception to the dentist to the extraordinary dental hygienist Cheryl top shelf services through out! Thanks!
Greg C. Avatar
Greg C.
1/19/2023 - Google
Entire staff is kind..explained everything.I had a great deal of I look forward to my next appointment on the way to dentures.
Mitchell A. Avatar
Mitchell A.
12/30/2022 - Google
I cannot say enough of how satisfied I was with my first two visits. Dr. Kopecky, Marisa and the rest of the crew that worked with me were excellent at their job. They were all very professional, very super warm and friendly making it as comfortable for me as possible... read more
Vincent B. Avatar
Vincent B.
12/22/2022 - Google
Lani and Cheryl are awesome. Each dental visit is like a visit with a couple of my longtime friends. Couldn’t ask for better - perfect!
Glenn P. Avatar
Glenn P.
9/27/2022 - Google
Total professionalism. I was nervous but the staff put me to ease. My Doctor was informative and efficient. I was our of there within an hour!
Jim P. Avatar
Jim P.
9/27/2022 - Google
Quality care with lots of patient empathy. I am treated so well that I actually look forward to appointments here. It's as if the professionals that work at HFD are trained to make patients feel comfortable and at ease as a top priority.
Rynell S. Avatar
Rynell S.
9/12/2022 - Google
Although going to the dentist is my least favorite thing to do, The team made me feel safe and eased my anxieties.
Rynell S. Avatar
Rynell S.
9/12/2022 - Google
Although going to the dentist is my least favorite thing to do, The team made me feel safe and eased my anxieties.
Sheena T. Avatar
Sheena T.
7/16/2022 - Google
I drive from Kailua to Mililani because of HFDC’s Awesome Pediatric Dentist, Dr Westphal he is amazing with my children. Very patient and gentle. He gets work done. Made my 2 and 5 year old super comfortable in the chair.Office ladies an DA’s are amazing.Thank HFDC Mililani.
michael m. Avatar
michael m.
6/15/2022 - Google
Appointment went well as alway dental hygenist rated 5 stars. Dental have seen in over a year but visit was alright rsteed 3 stars.
Ursula R. Avatar
Ursula R.
5/20/2022 - Google
Very caring and comfortable staff from the very start at entering this Dental office up until being escorted to the actual appointment venue. The clerk, Doctor Hur and dental hygienist Nani were great at what they do, customer service and satisfaction is wonderful.
Mary P. Avatar
Mary P.
3/30/2022 - Google
Let me be clear, I loathe going to the dentist. If I have to have a filling I freak out. My experience at the Mililani Hawaii Family Dental has been exceptional! I have had a couple of fillings with zero discomfort which went so quickly. My... read more
Genevieve S. Avatar
Genevieve S.
3/30/2022 - Google
For my dental cleaning appointments, I always request Cheryl, Dental Hygienist. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. I am very comfortable with her.

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