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Books About Brushing

10 Fascinating Brushing Books for Your Child

Getting your kid to brush his or her teeth might be tough, but brushing is very vital among children. To help, we’ve found 10 fascinating books about brushing to read at night.

Brush Your Teeth Please by Leslie Mcguire and Jean Pidgeon

Brush Your Teeth Please is a pop-up book which teaches kids proper oral hygiene with the help of animals like the lion, shark, bear, hippopotamus, and gorilla. The pop-up book includes toothbrush pull tabs that can be navigated up or down, left, or right.

Plus, the lion page includes a toothbrush-shaped board attached to a string that your child can use to brush the lion’s teeth all-around. The shark’s page, on the other hand, is dedicated to teaching about flossing.

The colors are lively and will definitely be pleasing to your child’s eyes. The book is recommended for children ages two- to five-years-old. It has 12 pages with text written in English.

Brush, Brush, Brush by Alicia Padron

Brush, Brush, Brush is a board book with simple, rhythmic text that is meant to be read aloud to your kid. It has big and bold artwork, photos, and illustrations that will surely appeal to your kids.

The book is part of the Rookie Toddler book series published by Scholastic. It also has suggested activities to accompany the story at the end.

Brush, Brush, Brush is for kids ages two- to four-years-old. It includes 12 pages of fun.

Clarabella’s Teeth by An Vrombaut

Clarabella’s Teeth introduces your child to Clarabella the crocodile and her friends — Rosie, Max, Liam, and Zoe. While her friends are painting pictures, playing games, and eating lunch, Clarabella is busy brushing her teeth which takes a long time since a crocodile has so many.

Because she misses a whole day’s worth of activities, Rosie, Max, Liam, and Zoe surprise Clarabella with a bigger toothbrush suitable for a big crocodile, so she won’t miss out the fun and will be able to join her friends the next day.

The book is recommended for kids ages four- to seven-years-old. It has 32 pages where your kid can meet the engaging animals, bright and fun illustrations, easy-to-follow story, and learn about the importance of dental routine.

Melvin the Magnificent Molar by Julia Cook, Laura Jana, and Allison Valentine

Melvin the Magnificent Molar will teach your kid about teeth through the lovable tooth, Melvin. The book aims to encourage kids ages three and above to brush their teeth, floss, and visit their dentist in a fun-loving and unique way.

It has 32 pages of an informative and fun read with pretty illustrations. Plus, you can request to receive e-mails from the Tooth Fairy for your child!

Pony Brushes His Teeth by Michael Dahl and Oriol Vidal

Children, they say, learn by example, and Pony Brushes His Teeth dwells on that idea as Pony looks up to his dad in learning how to brush his teeth. It’s a simple story which teaches children the steps of brushing — from choosing the right toothbrush to rinsing their mouth. It also reminds parents of their roles for their children.

The 20-page book has humorous illustrations and easy-to-remember text for kids ages two- to four-years-old.

I Know Why I Brush My Teeth by Kate Rowan and Katharine McEwen

I Know Why I Brush My Teeth is part of the Sam’s Science series. This book uses Sam and his mother’s easy banter to talk about proper dental hygiene and share information about baby and adult teeth. It discusses the parts, types, and functions of teeth.

The book, which is recommended for kids ages five- to seven-years-old, makes learning about dental-related topics and terms like plaque, fluoride, enamel, dentin, etc. fun and easy. Through I Know Why I Brush My Teeth, your child can understand the importance of brushing with easy-to-understand diagrams incorporated into a friendly cartoon format.

Have You Ever Seen A Moose Brushing His Teeth? by Jamie McClaine and April Goodman Willy

Have You Ever Seen A Moose Brushing His Teeth? is a delightful sequel to Have You Ever Seen A Moose Taking A Bath?. Through this sequel, kids learn simple toothbrushing habits. It has easy-to-follow rhyming lyrics with vibrant, action-packed illustrations that kids will surely love.

In this book, kids will meet the lovable Moose who did not take care of his “toofers” which ended up with slime! Moose then takes on the right steps to regain his “pearly white” smile.

Have You Ever Seen A Moose Brushing His Teeth? has 24 pages of information and fun that children ages two to 10 will enjoy.

I Love To Brush My Teeth by Shelley Admont, Sonal Goyal, and Sumit Sakhuja

I Love To Brush My Teeth introduces kids to sweet, little bunny by the name of Jimmy who does not like brushing his teeth. However, a magical toothbrush helps him realize how vital brushing his teeth is.

It contains beautiful illustrations best for kids who hate brushing their teeth. Plus, there is a free video book inside to accompany the 42 pages of a good read.

Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Brush! by Che Rudko and Tom Brannon

Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Brush! taps the help of our Sesame Street squad to give kids fun reminders on taking proper care of their teeth. It has flaps that can be opened, wheels that can be turned, and fun pop-ups that will make reading about brushing a fun learning activity for your kids.

Elmo, Zoe, and their friends will teach your child how to apply toothpaste, brush, rinse, and attend regular visits at the dentist. It is a 12-page book suitable for children ages two- to five-years-old.

Brush, Floss, and Rinse: Caring for Your Teeth and Gums by Amanda Doering Tourville and Ronnie Rooney

Brush, Floss, and Rinse: Caring for Your Teeth and Gums features easy-to-read text. It emphasizes the value of oral care to overall health. Children will meet Kyle and Alan who brush their teeth every morning and night, floss with their mom, and replace their toothbrush when the bristles are bent.

Kids will definitely love the watercolor illustrations while developing good habits and make healthy choices.

The book has 24 pages of learning for children ages five- to eight-years-old.


As said by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 42 percent of kids two- to 11-years-old suffer from tooth decay of their baby teeth. Meanwhile, 21 percent of kids six- to 11-years-old have dental caries on their permanent teeth.

Tooth decay, which is five times more common among children than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever, can lead to worse dental problems and affect the well-being of your child.

Prevent this from happening by forming the habit of brushing on your child as early as possible. And if sweet talks won’t work on your kid, tap the help of books! Here are ten books you can add to your bedtime stories that will encourage your little one to brush.

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