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6 Ways to Get Your Toddler Healthy Gums

You might not think much about your child’s dental health before they teethe. But their gums are essential. If your toddler has less oral bacteria before their teeth emerge, they’ll less likely get tooth decay on their primary teeth. And if you focus on their gums early, you cut the risk of your toddler getting gum disease. What, then, are the ways to get your toddler healthy gums?

Nothing beats a solid dental foundation. Accordingly, the best ways to give your toddler healthy gums is to build on this foundation. With the right combination of regular cleaning, diet, and visits to the pediatric dentist, your kid’s gums will be healthy as can be. And here are six ways to do it:

  1. Bring your toddler to a pediatric dentist
    Bringing your child to the dentist as early as possible is important. We can’t stress this enough. During their appointment, the pediatric dentist will detect whether something’s afoot you’re your child’s gums, even if their teeth haven’t emerged yet. The dentist can then prescribe the next course of action based on their findings. You can use this prescription to supplement your kid’s current dental hygiene routine or build it from the ground up. Regardless, it’s a great way to give your toddler preventive treatment and directly address any potential concerns before they blow up.  
  2. Clean their gums regularly
    While saliva washes away any stray food particles left in the mouth, it needs a little help now and then. Cleaning your child’s gums twice a day after feeding boosts not only your mouth’s cleanliness but also removes any sugars oral bacteria could feed on. If you do this before your baby’s teeth come out, it also helps protect primary teeth from those initial acid attacks.
  3. Massage their gums
    Massaging your child’s gums while they’re teething helps ease the pains that come with the process. But gum massage doesn’t have to be limited to teething toddlers. Massaging their gums before and after their teeth come out helps stimulate blood flow. This stimulation helps keep their gums firm and healthy.
  4. Use a bit of fluoride
    Very young children typically don’t need fluoride just yet. But once they’re old enough for it, it’s best to introduce them to fluoride as soon as possible. Fluoride strengthens your teeth against plaque buildup, making it less likely for bacteria to form pockets within your gums and cause periodontal disease. Introducing your children to fluoride early, then, protects them from developing such diseases first.
  5. Cut down sugary drinks
    Diet matters as much as your hygiene routine when it comes to dental health. Because sugar plays a significant role in promoting plaque buildup, limiting it in your child’s diet can prevent potential periodontal diseases from arising as they grow up.
  6. Watch what they eat
    What your child eats is more important than what they don’t eat. Aside from restricting bacteria-friendly food, another way to ensure your toddler gets healthy gums is feeding them healthy food for their teeth. Apart from promoting their gum health, your toddler might even develop a preference for them over time.
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