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Renew Your Smile with Invisalign

You’re probably considering getting Invisalign to straighten your teeth. You can get your ideal smile using Invisalign in a less obvious way. In addition, because it is removable, it is much simpler to chew food and brush teeth without fear of severing a wire.

What Is Invisalign?

The Invisalign system is a tooth-straightening process suitable for mild to moderate misalignments. Invisalign uses clear, removable aligner trays rather than traditional metal braces to treat dental abnormalities.

Each tooth gradually moves into the correct position with the help of a set of personalized aligners.

The initial consultation session involves photo- and impression-capturing with a three-dimensional computer-generated visual on how the teeth can be gradually moved.

Unlike traditional dental braces, Invisalign is more convenient and comfortable. Patients do not need to worry about the interference of having a great smile.  Metal brackets and wires are no longer necessary.  Even better, because of its clear finish, nobody will even know you are undergoing treatment.

Teeth Straightening and Invisalign

Easier Dental Maintenance and Cleanup. The detachable nature of Invisalign is one of its best features. There are no metal bands, brackets, or wires to entrap plaque and food. As a result, Invisalign enables greater ease in maintaining good oral hygiene without imposing dietary restrictions.

You can take off your Invisalign when brushing, eating, drinking, and flossing. As a result, there is less chance of bacteria and plaque buildup. This reduces the possibility of periodontal problems like gingivitis and tooth decay.

Avoidance of Further Health Complications Due to Misaligned Teeth. The Mayo Clinic’s dentists claim that accumulated germs in the mouth can spread to other body parts and risk one’s health. Complications include strokes, hardening of the arteries, and infection of the heart’s inner wall. Furthermore, the stability of sugar levels is difficult to maintain when gum disease develops.

Osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease are two other examples of infirmities. However, individuals who choose this teeth straightening treatment can sigh relief while enjoying a more pleasing dental appearance.

Attainability of Perfect Smile at Any Age. Metal braces were the only way to get a perfect smile before the invention of Invisalign. However, because of the convenience of Invisalign, more adults are seeking it now than ever before. Furthermore, adults and teenagers can expect similar outcomes and benefits from Invisalign.

Prevention of Mild Centric Occlusion and Easier Maintenance of Tooth Structure. Failure to address misaligned jaws and teeth can result in abnormal pressure and painful stress on the supporting bones and joints of the mouth. Without treatment, these dental traumas can accelerate the development of other dental health issues. 

Increase in Self Confidence. Invisalign can boost one’s confidence socially, physically, educationally, and professionally.

Socially. Wearing big, ugly braces is definitely at the top of the list of acceptable justifications for skipping a social event. Bulky, unattractive braces are at the top of the list of sufficient reasons for missing a social function. The least one could draw attention to their mouthful of metal at social galas like proms, graduations, and even yearbook photo opportunities, which are significant events for teenagers.

On the other hand, the thermoplastic material used to create Invisalign is elastic and translucent. So, even with the aligners snapped on, confidence never suffers.

Physically. There are no metals or wires that could trap food or plaque. Traditional orthodontia requires the maintenance of strict diets. On the other hand, because the Invisalign trays are removable, you are free to floss, brush, eat, and drink as usual.

Promoting proper oral hygiene habits can completely avoid, if not significantly reduce, the incidence of severe gum and tooth disorders.

Educationally and Professionally

Confidence is a crucial indicator of competence in competitive settings like the boardroom and the classroom. The interference of metal braces can affect the quality and audibility of speech. 

When speaking in front of the class, some teens hide their mouths or look away. Unintentionally, this typically indicates introversion and rudeness. However, teenagers usually do this if they are unhappy with their metal braces or dislike the current alignment of their teeth.

Fortunately, Invisalign’s clear aligners don’t interfere with speech or one’s look; they typically don’t need years of use to achieve their best results. Depending on the misalignment’s complexity, treatment only lasts an average of 12 to 18 months.

Self-worth declines along with one’s perception of their overall value as a person. As much as it has negative consequences such as tolerance of abusive situations, insecurity, and depression, one of the most common causes of this emotional crisis is how society judges one’s appearance.

While many factors can influence self-esteem, a person’s smile undeniably impacts. Teeth and jaw alignment have come a long way, and Invisalign is the most revolutionary method of achieving the perfect smile.

No one will ever know that your smile is a work in progress if you use Invisalign.

Ideal Candidates for Invisalign

People with the following conditions can straighten their teeth using Invisalign:

  • Mild relapse following the installation of conventional metal braces
  • Overbite or Retrognathia is a condition that occurs when the lower jaw is too far back from the upper jaw
  • Over-spacing of teeth of up to five millimeters due to gum and tooth shifting, as well as irregular jaw growth
  • Overcrowding of teeth of up to five millimeters

6 Reasons Why You Need An Invisalign Elite Orthodontist

You need the skills of an Invisalign Elite Dentist if you want the best treatment and the best outcomes from your Invisalign treatment. 

What is an Elite Invisalign Dentist?

Invisalign has different provider designations, including general, premier, preferred, and elite. 

A general Invisalign dentist performs at least 10 Invisalign procedures annually. In contrast, a premier provider must continue to treat at least 25 patients every six months after completing at least 50 cumulative treatments with the product. Therefore, a preferred provider must undertake a minimum of 100 cases and handle at least 50 cases annually.

Invisalign Elite Dentists comprise the top 5% of providers designated by Invisalign to perform an orthodontic treatment using clear aligners. Under this designation, the dentist has done more than 300 Invisalign procedures.

Why Should I Choose An Invisalign Elite Dentist?

Getting the procedure from the right person is critical to the success of the treatment. Here are six reasons why you should choose an Invisalign Elite Dentist:

1. An Invisalign Elite Dentist has sufficient training to work with Invisalign.

An Invisalign Elite Dentist received training, ongoing education, and an orthodontic license before starting treatments with Invisalign. As a result, the dentist has the clinical and practical training necessary to treat various orthodontic patients.

2. An Invisalign Elite Dentist has significant skills and experience with Invisalign.

When selecting an Invisalign dentist, one factor to consider is their level of training. However, a dentist’s experience working with the product is also essential. More than 300 treatments are under the belt of an Elite Invisalign Dentist. Additionally, by performing 100 operations a year, the dentist will gain more experience.

3. An Invisalign Elite Dentist delivers the best results. 

An Invisalign Elite Dentist has experience with Invisalign. More than 300 patients may attest to their credentials, like the dentist, who has years of experience using Invisalign to treat patient’s orthodontic issues.

4. An Invisalign Elite Dentist can guarantee to give you the care you deserve.

Invisalign elite dentists have at least 300 cases under their belts. Dentist also undergoes continuing education every year to maintain their Elite status. Therefore, they will be up-to-date with the developments in Invisalign and its procedure.

5. An Invisalign Elite Dentist can treat an assortment of cases.

An Invisalign Elite Dentist has the training, skills, and experience to treat orthodontic cases ranging from simple to complex with Invisalign. As a result, the dentist can recommend the best treatment plan for your specific needs and conditions. They have also had the cumulative experience of treating patients with various cases and the education to carry out the procedure correctly and deliver the best results.

6. An Invisalign Elite Dentist helps you differentiate an expert from a provider. 

With the increasing demand for teeth straightening, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between providers and experts. The designation “Elite” helps you find the right person to entrust your orthodontic treatment. After all, an Invisalign Elite Dentist will give you a healthier mouth and a better bite in addition to straightening your teeth.

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