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Funny orthodontist memes might seem like some niche part of the internet, but they can give us further insight into the trials of wearing braces.

What Funny Orthodontist Memes Teach Us

Funny orthodontist memes might seem like some niche part of the internet, but they can give us further insight into the trials of wearing braces.

For most people, going to the orthodontist was a rite of passage. And it wasn’t exactly very pleasant. And the suffering probably started long before that, particularly if you’ll need to fix up a severe case of malocclusion. Most people say that humor is one of the best ways to cope with the most unpleasant of experiences. And nothing drives the point further than funny orthodontist memes. 

Sometimes it’s about that period of adjustment after getting your braces or accidentally going against your orthodontist’s advice. You might see some of your own experiences in these funny orthodontist memes. Far from a bogged down view of the dentist’s chair, these lighthearted jokes can give us a new perspective on a previously unpleasant experience. And, perhaps, show that it isn’t so bad after all.

In the vein of funny dentist memes and #growingupwithbraces, we then take a deep dive into the world of orthodontist memes and the experiences they’re inspired by. 

  1. Braces feel, at some level, like a mild torture device

    Let’s face it—braces aren’t the most comfortable thing to wear. And if you know how braces work in the first place, you’d understand why. The reason why braces feel like some torturous contraption is because they’re supposed to feel like that. Your braces have to trick your body into allowing your teeth to move contrary to where they currently are. And because your teeth are anchored into your jaw, you need to dissolve parts of your jawbone so they can make the journey gradually.

    Thinking of it this way can seem a little traumatic, unlike likening wearing braces to feeling like Bane. Nonetheless, orthodontist memes can take off the edge of the discomfort. They can also remind us that while wearing braces isn’t the most fun thing in the world, you can still laugh through it regardless. 

  2. We can be aftercare procrastinators at times

    You know how you’d say you’d always wear your braces elastics right after the routine appointment? If you’re like a good number of people, you probably weren’t able to keep to that promise. If wearing braces is hard, taking care of them is much, much harder. They have a complexity that takes a while to get used to, with the interdental cleaners and continuously replacing your elastics. And sometimes, the one time we decide to do what our dentists recommend, it’s usually the week of the next appointment.

    We believe you should always follow your orthodontist’s advice if you want your teeth to get better. But we do understand that it can be easier said than done. And orthodontist memes are great at reminding us of the fact. While it’s discouraging to fall off the train, it’s never too late to get back up. Just probably don’t always do it the week of the appointment. 

  3. Getting your braces off is one long waiting game

    You could go through a lot of disappointments in your life, but having your braces off delayed hits another level. In these moments, it’s easy to think of your orthodontist as some sadistic madman, but deep down, you know you can’t really blame them.

    Your teeth will get to the place they need to be, eventually, but the wait might not be an easy one. Fortunately, as orthodontist memes and the people who share them show, you’re not alone in the situation. All it takes is a little time.  

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