6 Ways to Get Ready for Metal Braces

Metal braces may pose challenges for some people. For example, you won’t be able to chew gum anymore or floss. Here’s a couple of ways you to get ready for wearing metal braces:

#1 Getting in the habit of wearing elastics or headgear

To have an easygoing experience with metal braces, you must get in the habit of doing what your orthodontist asks, which includes wearing elastics in the correct places or wearing headgear if applicable.

Getting into this habit early on will help make a smoother transition for braces wearers. Additionally, these good habits can potentially make for a faster journey if all is done correctly.

#2 Finding alternative foods to enjoy

Popcorn, caramels, gum, soda, and candies out of the picture? No worries! It’s time to find some alternatives to ensure your taste buds have their needs met.

Pretzels, fresh fruit, and sugar-free juices may be great alternatives for those wearing braces.

Anything too hard, gooey, sticky, sugary, acidic, and carbonated should be cut back for the best braces experience. This means fewer chances of emergency repairs, fewer appointments, less money spent, and a smoother time wearing braces overall.

#3 Giving your braces the hygiene they require

If your orthodontist suggests specific tools to clean your metal braces, take those recommendations. Water picks, for example, are great devices for those wearing braces to ensure flossing can still be easily done.

Staying on top of oral hygiene early on will allow you to continue your routine easier. It’s important to get out of the habit of skipping tooth-brushing or flossing sessions. Your teeth need the proper hygiene more than ever with braces.

#4 Choosing fun-colored rubber bands

One way braces wearers get pumped up before orthodontist appointments is getting to choose the color(s) of the bands on their braces. Opt for a single color or color combination. There are often dozens of options to choose from.

The whole personalization factor braces offer also helps boost braces wearers’ confidence and choose the color(s), from teal to baby pink to black, that looks best on them and suits their personality the most. Some even enjoy coordinating the color(s) of their braces with their outfit, especially before a school photo, for instance.

#5 Flaunting your smile

Hiding your braced smile is nothing to be ashamed. Feeling embarrassed is only going to make your journey with braces more difficult.

Enjoying your smile with braces is the only way to feel comfortable in your skin during this time. After all, the adventure goes a lot quicker when you’re enjoying it!

#6 Being responsible if something does go wrong

A wire snapped? Something gooey stuck in your teeth or braces? It’s important to take responsibility for the damages that may occur with wearing braces.

Some orthodontic patients feel embarrassed to bring up these breakages to their orthodontist, mainly if there was sticky food involved which was strictly prohibited. However, it is essential to keep in mind that getting this repair tended to ensure a quicker treatment.

It is the patient’s responsibility to notice any abnormal changes or damages with their braces. Without notifying your orthodontist, more problems can occur, and the treatment may take longer.

Overall, wearing braces can be fun, customizable, and for some, not problematic at all.

Getting used to the responsibilities, requirements, and prohibitions that come with wearing braces, and overall accepting them, makes this orthodontic treatment fairly quick, comfortable, and exciting in the end.

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