Why Regular Dental Visits are Important

Hawaii Family Dental encourages the people of Hawaii to make the most of their dental insurance benefits. After all, the year is nearing its end.

“Most of the plans run on [the] calendar year, and almost all of them include two visits to your dentist or hygienist,” John Bower, the president of Hawaii Family Dental, says during his interview with KHON. He also underscored the significance of visiting the dentist at least twice a year, especially since gum disease plagues more than 50 percent of the United States population.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every two adults age 30 and above in the United States suffers from periodontitis. Periodontitis is an advanced form of periodontal disease. In fact, it can eventually result in tooth and bone loss without treatment.

Additionally, the inflammatory disease has connections to higher risks of diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. To properly diagnose the condition, a visit to the dentist is imperative.

“The only way you know if you have gum disease is to go and see your dentist. Your dentist can help prevent and care for it. If you already have it in an advanced state, your dentist can help you with it,” Bower said.

However, most dental insurance companies provide an average maximum of $1,500. When the $1,500 is maxed, patients will have to shoulder 100 percent of the treatment cost. “Most insurance companies have not raised the annual maximum in ten years, so it’s really important to see your dentist and use your benefits,” Bower encourages.

He also points out that almost 50 percent of the population lack insurance. Often times, this causes a barrier to dental care access. Fortunately, there are other affordable options for those who want to get dental treatment without breaking the bank.

Hawaii Family Dental has the largest discount plan in Hawaii. In fact, the dental group is offering a Christmas promo for KHON-TV viewers. “If you don’t have insurance, call us this December, make an appointment, join our discount plan, and we are going to cut the cost of the plan in half,” Bower said.

Originally $199 a year, you can instead receive the dental discount plan for $99 this month (December 2018) when you call 523-3111, schedule an appointment, join the Hoala Dental Plan, and mention KHON.

“It’s still a great idea to get it now because you want to be ready to start your treatment plan for next year. If you have periodontal disease, you really need to see your dentist,” Bower said.

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