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How to take care of your child’s oral health after moving

How to Find a New Dentist after Moving

How to take care of your child’s oral health after moving

When moving house, there’s a lot of things to adapt to aside from your new neighborhood and neighbors. Moving with your family, in particular, can be a more arduous task than heading out on your own. Your family might have different ways of adjusting, especially toddlers. Aside from getting emotionally ready for your new place, you’ll need to find a place where your child’s needs are met. Necessities such as their oral health. How do you take care of your child’s oral health after moving, then?

For the most part, we build our oral care on the go. A rigorous combination of brushing, flossing, and healthy eating often suffices, as they serve as the foundations of your dental health. There is, however, only so much that your routine can cover. And with your toddler’s unique needs, it’s always best to get a professional opinion—mainly when an emergency arises.

But finding the right pediatric dentist around the area might not be easy. If your tot already formed a connection with their previous dentist, it can be hard for them to take the sudden change. The same goes for the dental office. Taking your child to the same office can give them a “dental home” of sorts. There, they can feel comfortable and safe when they get their treatments. It won’t be a surprise if your child doesn’t take to the change too well.

What, then, can you do to take care of your child’s oral health after moving? Here are some guidelines:

Start from square one

How you manage new experiences for your toddler can spell the difference between pleasant memory and a mutual nightmare. The same goes for starting them out with a new pediatric dentist.

While it might be tempting to skip acquainting your child with their new dentist—after all, they’d already “been there, done that”—don’t. At this age, your child will still register it as a new experience, so you’ll need to treat it like that accordingly.

For this, you might want to use the same techniques you’d use in quelling dental anxiety. Re-familiarizing them with what to expect and taking them around the place can make the transition a whole lot smoother than taking them in cold.   

Find the right pediatric dentist for them

When looking for a dentist, there’s a lot of things you can consider. Convenience is one. Proximity is another. Regardless of what standards you choose with, however, how well your child responds to their dentist should always be the top priority.  

For one, choosing a pediatric dentist—as compared to a general dentist—can make a world of difference. While some dentists do well with children, pediatric dentists are specially trained to handle them. The additional years they take in dental school is devoted to understanding your children’s behavior, which equips them to deal with any scruples your toddler has.

For another, you might want to zoom into an office or dental practice that puts a premium on family dental care. Fortunately, here at Hawaii Family Dental, we’ve got a dedicated team of pediatric dentists all over Hawaii who dedicated to your child’s dental health. Feel free to drop by a center near you. 

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