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5 Ways To Up Your Selfie Game While Wearing Braces

Braces are helpful in our quest towards perfect teeth. While others may see no issue with wearing braces, some people detest the orthodontic treatment for ruining their aesthetics. This is especially true when it comes time for photo-taking.

On a good note, one doesn’t have to let their orthodontic treatment ruin their selfies or family portraits.In fact, here are some ways to prevent braces from ruining pictures:

#1 Opting for Invisalign

If you wish to hide metal braces in photos but still want straighter teeth, you may like the idea of Invisalign. This orthodontic treatment involves clear retainers rather than wires and brackets.

However, this option is often more expensive and is not applicable for all patients. Unfortunately, only those with minor misalignment of their teeth usually qualify.

#2 Choosing lingual braces

Those not qualifying for Invisalign may love the idea of lingual brace. These are metal braces placed on the backs of the teeth rather than on the front. Thus, this makes metal braces completely invisible when one smiles.

Another option for non-qualifiers of Invisalign is ceramic braces, which we’ll talk about next.

#3 Getting ceramic braces

Although more visible as they’re placed on the front of the teeth, lingual braces are less noticeable as they’re essentially clear.

One who likes the look of braces but prefers a more conservative, subtle appearance would love the idea of ceramic braces. However, the patient will not get to pick out fun-colored bracket bands for their braces, something some enjoy doing.

#4 Choosing bracket band colors for your metal braces

If you must opt for metal braces, know that one of the best parts is getting to select band colors for your brackets. Different people look best in different colors. For this reason, it’s essential to choose band colors that look best on you and your teeth, and of course, make you feel the most confident with your smile.

One with off-white teeth may not prefer getting white bands. Black bands can stand out too much for some individuals, and yellow may bring out an odd complexion or tooth color in certain folks.

Opting for a color that matches or complements the patient’s eyes or outfit is your best bet, even if the color or color combination is not your first pick.

#5 Flaunting your metal braces loud and proud anyway

A confident smile makes for the best photos.

One who is unconfident and embarrassed by their braces in photos will not appear confident. Often, this unconfident appearance is really what ruin’s a braces wearer’s photos.

It is vital that those with braces learn to love the appearance of their orthodontic treatment and don’t let it hold them back from flashing their pearly whites in special family or personal photos!

Whether one decides to opt for metal braces or chooses a more concealed orthodontic treatment, one thing is for sure: confidence is absolute key.

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