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Does your child show signs of misaligned teeth? Wary of traditional orthodontic treatment? Worry not, there's a way to straighten teeth without braces.

How to Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Does your child show signs of misaligned teeth? Wary of traditional orthodontic treatment? Worry not, there's a way to straighten teeth without braces.

Getting your child to that first dental appointment is crucial. Mainly as their baby teeth and gums develop. When you get this point in their life right, chances are you’ve set them up for great adult teeth and a beautiful smile. The key is to stop any problems in their tracks once they appear, whether that’s tooth decay or misaligned teeth. The latter, in particular, can show up early in your child’s tooth development, making it quicker to treat. But if putting your child on orthodontic treatment early in the game makes you uncomfortable, there are fortunately other ways to straighten teeth without braces. 

Keep in mind that when it comes to straightening teeth without braces, time is of the essence. Misaligned teeth, as you may recall, are often the result of a mouth that’s too small to accommodate the number of teeth in it. If the mouth develops beneficially, the fewer chances you have of getting misaligned teeth. 

Children, in particular, are more receptive to this alternative to orthodontic treatment than adults are. Because their mouths are still developing, it’s easier to place the preventive measures needed for their oral health against misaligned teeth. But how can you straighten teeth without braces?

Start your child right with the proper mouth posture

As a kid, remember how your parents took a strict interest in your stance. Whether it was the way you stood, or how you sat up at the table, you might’ve heard your parents say a thing or two about keeping your back straight. While it might’ve seemed like an annoyance back then, nowadays, you know that it was to make sure that your backs develop correctly. 

It’s the same thing with misaligned teeth. To ensure that your child’s adult teeth grow into a beautiful smile, you have to teach your child the right oral posture. This oral posture forms the foundation of how to straighten teeth without braces. But how do you know what’s proper oral posture? Looking at harmful dental habits and their effects can give us an idea:

  • Thumb sucking. While thumb sucking is a phase for most of us, some kids might engage in the habit a little longer. And when this happens, it can severely impact how their teeth develop. Children who actively suck their thumb even after their teeth erupt may have protruding teeth as a result of the action. 
  • Mouth breathing. While they’re still young, your child might be susceptible to a whole host of allergies. Which makes it challenging to breathe nasally. For the most part, you can quickly treat mouth breathing by clearing up their allergies. But if your child continues to breathe through their mouths, this can affect the development of their face and teeth. 

How to straighten teeth without braces

Now that we know what forces can disrupt your proper mouth growth, how can you counteract this with proper oral posture?

  • Remind them to keep their mouths closed at all times. This also encourages them to breathe through their nose instead of their mouth. 
  • Keep your tongue at the roof of your mouth—as opposed to the bed—can also encourage the proper alignment of your jaws.
  • Aside from this, you can also consult your child’s orthodontist for other types of orthodontic treatment that can help this alignment further. Their orthodontist might recommend a palate expander, for instance, if the teeth in the upper jaw are the problem. 
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