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Dental Crowns | Hawaii Family Dental

Dental crowns get their name from the way they are installed: they “crown” the teeth by encircling the visible portion above the gum line. They are often used to strengthen or improve the appearance of a tooth, particularly if it is weak, damaged, worn-out, or requires a large filling. They are also used to support dental bridges and protect dental implants.

If you’re looking to have a crown put in, you’ll need to schedule two visits for the treatment. On the first day, the target tooth will be examined for any signs of dental decay before it is reshaped for the crowning procedure. The outer portion of the tooth is removed, and an impression is made to serve as the basis for the mold. While the crown is being made, the tooth is capped with a temporary crown to protect it. After 2-3 weeks, you’ll be informed when the crown is done and will proceed to installation. Your dentist will them ensure if the crown fits your natural bite and tooth color before cementing it permanently.

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