Dental Tips For Gatherings, Parties, and Dates!

Holidays, birthdays, and other gatherings are times when people catch up with loved ones and celebrate in harmony. We celebrate this time of the year by means of preparing sumptuous foods which everyone shares. However, this feast should not be a reason for everyone to forget that they also need to be cautious of the foods they eat to obtain proper dental and overall health.

Surely, dealing with a dental filling or other dental-related problems can ruin the gathering. Here are useful tips to consider:

#1 Stay hydrated

Drinking a lot of water is helpful especially when consuming sweet foods. This can help get rid of food particles and prevent the accumulation of plaque. Additionally, this can also stimulate the production of saliva which helps combats cavities. Water is a better drink option compared to sodas and juices.

#2 Refrain from the sticky sides

Foods that are too sticky, acidic, and sweet can immensely damage the teeth. These can form an ideal place for bacteria to infect the gums and destroy the enamel of the teeth. If you can’t avoid eating such foods, make sure to rinse with water after consuming them, or better yet, brush your teeth after a half an hour to clear away the gummy debris.

#3 Brush and floss

If you go to the house of a loved one or a friend for a gathering, be sure to bring your dental floss and a toothbrush with you if you’re aiming for optimal oral health. Take note that it is imperative to be diligent about your dental hygiene on celebrations like this. Alternatively, you may also bring a sugarless gum with you (xylitol) and chew this after eating your meal. Sugar-free gum can get rid of leftover food debris in the teeth, stimulate saliva production, and help digestion.

#4 Avoid snacking or eating too frequently

While it is true that enjoying the company of loved ones is an essential part of the day, consider avoiding frequent or continuous snacking. The reason behind this is because if you continue to expose the teeth to acids from food, this may only allow bacteria to accumulate in the mouth and can cause cavities.

5 Tips To Avoid Overindulging At A Party

#1 Eat well. Avoid sugary and starchy foods

It is advised to bring your own food if you are nutritionally-aware. In so doing, you won’t have to worry about cookouts, which can be a nightmare particularly to those who are health-conscious. You can bring fresh fruits, dips and raw vegetables, summery salads, as well as other sumptuous go-to healthy snacks that even the other guests will love.

Always think about moderation, especially if you find yourself already overindulging. Consider the effects if you choose to eat like a horse. Fruits and veggies are particularly good for oral health, so if you’re going to overindulge, choose to overindulge on those.

#2 Take a break from the food

It is not advisable to just sit at the table the whole day, consuming food mindlessly. Try doing physical activities to keep you busy to detract you from consuming too much food.

Some simple physical activities include walking the dog around the block, going swimming, playing sports, or playing with the children. Take into account that balancing your calories in with calories out is a very crucial component of sustaining an ideal weight.

#3 Stay hydrated

We are fully aware that water actually makes up more than half of our body weight. Apart from this, every tissue and cell in the body requires plenty of water to function and balance body temperature. The question is, how much should we drink? Instead of counting cups and ounces, try consuming the sufficient amount of water you need to go to the restroom at least every 2 hours.

Shoot for a combination of fruit and veggie juices, decaf tea, juice, and water to provide you with your daily dose. If you’re not a fan of pure water, add fresh basil, strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, or citrus to turn your bland water into something tasty.

#4 Don’t arrive on an empty stomach

It may appear nonsensical to eat prior to going to the party; however, it is one of the best approaches to prevent binge eating and snacking on the most calorie-filled foods once you’re there. Consider taking a bite of fresh fruit, roasted chickpeas, or a handful or two of nuts within thirty minutes of heading over to the party.

It is essential to note that a snack that fuses carbs and protein will be the most filling and can greatly aid in preventing overindulgence at the buffet when you arrive at the gathering.

Tips to Avoid Bad Breath on Dates!

Here are some bad-breath foods to avoid on dates:

Spicy or highly seasoned foods

First and foremost, spicy and/or very seasoned foods will cause worsening bad breath. Indian food, being highly spiced, is one type of food that can contribute to strong-smelling breath. Instead, try to opt for foods that are milder in flavor and aren’t super seasoned, such as a light salad with fairly light dressing, if having fresh breath is in your favor.


We all know that coffee is strong smelling and is bound to leave the breath smelling like coffee for hours on end. While some don’t mind the smell of coffee breath, the majority find coffee breath to be smelly and distracting when they’re on a date.


While alcohol is a likely component of a dinner date, it’s clear that alcohol causes bad breath due to its high acidity and scent. People often drink alcohol on dates to “loosen up” when they’re nervous, but bad breath is a definite outcome of choosing such as beverage on a date and should be avoided for those aiming to have fresh breath.


Garlic, being a strong and pretty spicy root vegetable, leaves the breath smelling very strong and even foul. The smell of strong garlic can stay in the mouth for over 24 hours if consumed enough, even with thorough oral hygiene. Light consumption of garlic-y foods may be fine; however, try to keep garlic out of your dinner date if you plan to have fresh breath.


Onions, like garlic, are strong smelling and are spicy in flavor. Specifically, raw onions give the mouth a scent that’s not pleasant when on a date. You can likely get away with consuming cooked onions, but consuming too many may still cause bad breath.


Fish has that specific smelly scent we can all pretty much admit we hate. The worst part is, is that it lingers. Especially when smelling it on someone’s breath, the smell of fish is not ideal to smell on a date with someone you really like. Fortunately, there are certain varieties of fish that are milder in scent than others. For instance, salmon tends to be milder than tuna. Chicken, while clearly not the same as fish, is one alternative if you want to avoid fish-y breath at all costs.

Overall, these are the foods and drinks you should avoid if the fresh breath is something to admire on a date. Also opt for sugarless, minty chewing gum; breath sprays; or mints to keep your breath minty no matter what you opt to consume.

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