What is a Prophylaxis?

A prophylaxis is a dental term for a cleaning. Cleanings are essential to preventing gingivitis and periodontal disease. Gingivitis and periodontal disease emerge when bacteria from plaque settles on the gum tissue. They can be present either underneath or above the gum line.

The bacteria can cause severe irritation and serious inflammation which can successively produce an incessant inflammatory response in the body.

Why a Teeth Cleaning or Prophylaxis is Important

This is an exceptional procedure to help keep oral cavity healthy and stop the progression of gum problems.

Here are some of the benefits this dental procedure provides:

Fresher breath

Periodontal disease typically includes persistent foul-smelling breath. Halitosis often develops due to a combination of decaying food particles underneath the gum line, periodontal problems, and potential gangrene originating from a gum infection.

Moreover, the removal of bacteria, calculus, and plaque evidently alleviates irritation and greatly enhances breath.

Tartar removal

Tartar and plaque accumulation, both underneath and above the gum line, can cause severe periodontal issues without treatment. Indeed, it can be difficult to eliminate the deposits, bacteria, and debris from the gum pockets.

Special dental equipment can help a dentist spot and treat dental issues such as the accumulation of plaque and tartar.

Point out health issues

Several health issues first present themselves to dental experts. Due to the fact that teeth cleaning or prophylaxis involves a careful examination of the entire oral cavity, the dentist can easily screen for oral cancer. Dentists can also assess the risk of periodontitis and typically detect indications of medical issues such as kidney problems and diabetes.

Additionally, recommendations may be provided for modifying some home care regimen.


It can be embarrassing having discolored teeth as others may think of you as unhygienic. So, to bring back a brighter smile, have your teeth thoroughly cleaned.

The best thing about prophylaxis is that it can remarkably remove unsightly stains on the teeth. Thus, you can be more confident when you smile.

What Does Teeth Cleaning or Prophylaxis Involve?

Professional teeth cleaning or prophylaxis can either be done under general anesthetic or at a regular dental visit. The former is necessary if the patient has a serious form of periodontal disease.

At times, an endotracheal tube is placed in the throat to ensure the lungs are protected from detrimental bacteria which will be removed from the mouth.

Prophylaxis is advisable twice a year as a preventative measure. However, for periodontitis sufferers, this procedure should be done every three to four months.

While it is true that gum disease cannot be completely reversed, professional teeth cleaning is still one of the most effective tools in preventing its damaging progress.

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